Travelling with Tots Holiday Bucket List

With Summer fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about where would be best to go with our family on holiday this year. With having a young baby this year, we’ve had to think a bit different from the last few years, as we normally do lots of driving and exploring and tend to be quite spontaneous while on holiday – sometimes booking extra mini excursions last minute or going off somewhere on a whim.

But this year, I want something a bit more relaxing and peaceful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I fancy some chill out time myself! And secondly, because our littlest one isn’t really a fan of trekking around all over the place, and I want to keep her more settled.

The Tots to Travel website has lots of ideas for family friendly holidays, particularly baby and toddler friendly, and I’ve been looking at suggestions like these¬†villas in tenerife.

A villa holiday will definitely suit us better than a hotel holiday these days. With four kids, having space to spread out and accomodate everyone comfortably is really important.

Having access to fun child friendly pools is a must too, especially for my three older children, but I prefer them to be located within a resort, as shown on the property above, rather than being right there in the villa. Although a private pool would be nice to have, with little ones I’d rather have the peace of mind and keep the pool separate to our accommodation. Baby N is already pretty mobile now at 4 months (she rolls everywhere and crawls backwards) so I’m sure by the time the summer holidays roll around that she will be getting into everything, which means that safety and child proofing is right up there on my must have list for accommodation.

Other must haves for me are good weather, so I want to go somewhere warm with blue skies and plenty of sunshine, and good food that will appeal to both the adults and the children.

My other half would like there to be some interesting sites nearby to explore if possible, as he loves exploring historic places while away, and really getting a feel for the country that we’re visiting. One or two excursions will be enough for me this year though I think, as I’m really all about the relaxation right now!

What would be on your summer holiday bucket list this year? Any places that you would recommend as a must visit with young kids? Let me know in the comments

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