Different Types Of Sunglasses That You Can Opt For

Numerous sunglasses are available out there in the market. It is okay if you get confused while buying sunglasses for yourself.

Due to this huge variety and collections of sunglasses, many people prefer to stick with only one type of glasses.

However, this is not the option left. We must explore the colors and variety of glasses. 

To explore the different collections, you must first have a brief idea of all the types of sunglasses available in the market.

This way, you can see whether it fulfills your style, desire, and needs or not. So, here is the list of different types of sunglasses that you can opt for. 

Aviator Sunglasses

These types of glasses are mostly suited for the oval and square face shape people.

Aviator glasses are the most common and were first used in 1930 by pilots. These glasses were used by pilots not because of fashion but due to the high protection from dust and dirt. 

Today, in this fashionable world, aviator glasses have reserved their place and become the most popular sunglasses.

These glasses often look good with lightweight metal frames of tint color lenses, designed in a classic or funky way.  

Oval sunglasses

Such sunglasses are best suited for the oval and oblong type of face shapes. These oval sunglasses mostly have wider frames with sunny oval lenses.

The oval glasses also cover up your eyes and protect them from dust. These glasses often highlight your contours and put more emphasis on the rounder parts. 

It neglects the emphasis on angular areas of your face and puts more highlight on the roundness of the face.

This way, an even balanced feature is created on the face, enhancing the overall look.

For example, you can try out emerald-reflector glasses or airplane mode series sunglasses. 

Oversized Sunglasses 

Oversized sunglasses are extremely large framed glasses that have wider and elongated frames.

Normally, oversized sunglasses suit almost every face shape. But if you are looking for the perfect piece, you must consider your face shape wisely. 

These sunglasses are best suited for round or square face shape people. So, if you have any similar face shape features, you can explore your choice of oversized sunglasses. 

By wearing such sunglasses, a fashion statement is created with a simple transformation.

The best part of using oversized sunglasses is that it perfectly fits and suits every kind of face shape.

You can explore your options from Gold Digger sunglasses to Fighter Jet series sunglasses. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are best suited for triangular or rectangular faces. But such kind of face shapes are not commonly seen, as they are thin on the upper side and wider at the bottom at the chin part.

Moreover, you can try these sunglasses with a blend of both angular and rounded shapes, such as D-Frames and silver-toned arms. 

However, cat-eye sunglasses come with mirror-contrast frames, which give you a heroic look on the upper side of your face.

These sunglasses often lightens up the look of your bottom chin part and puts less emphasis on the angular regions.  Some common cat-eye sunglasses are cybercrime series or dragon lord series sunglasses. 

Wayfarers Sunglasses 

Earlier, the wayfarer’s sunglasses were very popular, but later demand started declining.

Now again, in the 2000s, these sunglasses gave their comeback with amazing characteristics of vintage and classic look. 

Wayfarers sunglasses are mostly squared thick frames designed with curved bottoms.

There are many designs available in Wayfarer sunglasses with lots of modern lenses. These lenses enhance the look and give out an appealing look. 

Wrap Around Sunglasses

These sunglasses are primarily used by sportspersons. Wrap around glasses not only protects from dust or dirt, but it has also become adaptable in this fashion world.

The functionalities of such glasses have been extended. And now they are also called shield sunglasses. These glasses are highly preferred by athletes. 

Hence, these are the different sunglasses that you should know about. All these sunglasses have a wide range of vision and protection, which makes them suitable to wear for the purpose of protection or even style.

Both men and women can try out these sunglasses and enhance their look by matching them perfectly with their attire. 

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