A Student’s Choice: 5 Reasons To Choose PDFBear in Converting Word to PDF

One common struggle of students is paperwork, particularly if they need to convert their files to an appropriate format, such as transforming Microsoft Word to PDF. From manual scanning of pages to changing the document’s format, it is surely a pretty tiresome work for a learner. 

Good thing, there are available online conversion tools in the market today that can make any word to PDF transformation a lot easier and much quicker; one of them is the PDFBear. To know more about this online platform, read on and discover five of the good reasons PDFBear word to PDF converter is the best choice for students.  

Hassle-free Conversion

Students have countless responsibilities in school, from lessons and quizzes to projects and presentations. For that reason, they want to take the easiest route to finish their paper works without having troubles and hassles along the way. One of the challenging tasks for most students is converting their Microsoft Word Documents to PDF. 

Fortunately, PDFBear’s Docx to PDF conversion tool is available to give every learner a hand. This online converter offers a straightforward process to students so they can transform their Word Document into a high-quality PDF file in just a few clicks. With that, they don’t have to go through complicated phases and software installation just to do their task. 

To give you an idea of how simple the PDBear procedure is, look at the process below:

  • The first step in converting your Microsoft Word DOCX into a PDF file is to upload the document you wish to transform in PDFBear’s conversion toolbar. 
  • Once you have uploaded the file, the PDFBear will scan your document and start the conversion. 
  • You just have to wait for a couple of minutes or less until it completes the entire transformation. 
  • After a short moment of waiting, a freshly Portable Document Format file is ready, and you can download it to your device or share it with your Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Quick and Safe

Aside from the easy-to-follow process, the PDFBear converter also offers quick and safe conversion to every student. With that, learners can move forward to their next assignment since converting through PDFBear will just take a few minutes of their time. By just following the procedure above, they can surely get the output they need in a blink of an eye. 

This online platform also ensures all the documents uploaded on their website are safe. Thus, students don’t have to worry about sharing their word documents online to convert it into high-quality PDFs. As a matter of fact, PDFBear will automatically remove all the files dropped on their server after 60 minutes.  

The output you’ll get from PDFBear is quality-wise. It will keep the integrity and features of your Microsoft Word Document even after transforming it to a Portable Document Format file. 

A Wide-range Compatibility

With the continuous innovation brought by the advancement of technology, different operating systems are developed and being used by every student. The people behind PDFBear have considered this, so they created a conversion tool that is compatible and supported across different platforms. 

This online converter can be accessed through Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, and Linux-based systems. Plus, students may also use their computers at home, laptops, smartphones, and tablets if they want to use PDFBear’s word to PDF conversion tool. There’s no doubt why this converter is known to be one of the best!

A working internet connection is required to access PDFBear’s services. Once you are connected, you can avail of their free conversion anytime and anywhere. 

Uses Cloud Technology 

One highlight of PDFBear services is its cloud storage. It uses superior technology compared to its competitors and 256-bit SSL encryption. With that, anyone who uses this online converter can make sure that their files are stored safely and can be converted into the highest quality possible. 

Another benefit of using a cloud-based conversion tool such as the PDFBear is there’s no need to use your computer’s internal memory. The converter will do all the transformation tasks without utilizing the Central Processing Unit of your device. 

You can open the PDFBear website through mainstream search engines such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other major browsers. Hence, there’s no need to install the necessary software for this online conversion tool to work.  

Free Conversion

Another good reason PDFBear is the best choice for students is its free conversion services. Of course, who wouldn’t want to avail of free products nowadays, right? But it is most helpful to students who are struggling both in school and financial aspects. 

The free account of PDFBear can help learners convert their word documents into PDF files in a certain period. However, if they want to avail an unlimited subscription of PDFBear services, they can always turn to its premium account. You don’t have to worry because this online tool is one of the cheapest converter available on the web. 


If you’re a student who finds it hard to convert their Microsoft Word Document into a PDF file, the PDFBear platform is a big help. With its simple steps and fast process, this online converter can surely make any document conversion easier and quicker for all the students worldwide. Try it out now for all your PDF needs. We guarantee you a hundred percent satisfaction with its great services.


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