A quick guide to making your house eco-friendly

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By Luciana Oliveira

Eco-friendly living solutions are getting more accessible and palpable than it used to be a few years ago. If we look back to only a couple of decades ago, we have definitely come a long way into finding more sustainable ways of living as a society. The new generations and the easy and fast access to the internet have been pushing us into being more aware of the necessity to protect the environment. In this article we will bring you a few ideas on how to make your house a more eco-friendly space in a few very simple steps.

Double Glazing

One of the most important steps you can take for your home, to keep your house much more eco friendly and energy efficient, while also saving yourself money on your heating bills, is to install double glazing on all of your windows. Replacing old window styles with new aluminium windows can make a big difference to your house. This is especially worth considering if your house tends to get chilly and drafty in the winter. As aluminium doesn’t expand in the heat or retract in the cold this is the perfect choice of material, meaning that you will have long lasting window frames with no drafts or jams.

Keep up to date with repairs

Another very simple way to make sure you keep your house as energy efficient and hence as eco friendly as possible, is to take care with keeping up to date with all your repairs and maintenance. Any damage on your windows or doors could be letting cold in to your home, and therefore wasting extra energy as you have to heat more to compensate.

Eco Friendly Roofs

You can put your own roof to work, generating energy for your family with the use of solar panels. There are government schemes available to help with the cost of installing this – check out this link on feed in tariffs on the UK Government website which explains how this scheme works. Solar panels work by transforming the suns energy into electricity for your home, so it is an easy win-win solution for many families.


You might think that conservatories will take a lot of heating in the winter, but the new style conservatories with upvc and aluminium are a lot more eco friendly and comfortable. You can look into different options such as getting an orangerie style conservatory or a lantern roof

Eco Friendly Family life

You can also make small decisions as a family to make sure that your lifestyle inside your home is just as eco friendly as the house itself. For example, we recently talked about how you can choose more eco friendly packaging ideas. Another idea with a big eco impact is to limit how much you buy, and to shop second hand, or grow your own vegetables in an allotment. Even trying one or two of these suggestions can have a great impact on your overall footprint if that action is something that you take on board long term.

Every little action that we take towards a more eco friendly home has an impact, especially when we all work together to take these steps.

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