6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

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By Luciana Oliveira

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a skyrocketing electric bill at the end of the month. According to Move.org, the average monthly electricity bill for residential customers in the United States is $114.44. Your living habits can greatly influence your energy usage at home.


If you are used to leaving your appliances plugged in when you’re out of the house or delaying the needed repairs of your electrical system, you can expect your bill to go beyond the average cost. 



To save energy and money at home, follow these 6 simple yet effective tips:


1-Take advantage of natural light. To reduce energy use for lighting the home, make use of natural lights during the day. According to a study, using natural light in a room results in lighting savings of 32 percent.


2-Switch to LED lights. Another effective way to reduce lighting costs in your home is changing your light bulbs to LEDs. The U.S. Department of Energy says LEDs used at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. 


3-Install a programmable thermostat. Space cooling and heating can account for nearly half of your total household energy consumption. Using a programmable thermostat can help control your HVAC for more energy savings. Make sure your Hvac system is working well. Contact hvac repair Las Vegas should you need assistance on fixing issues about your Hvac unit.


4-Run full loads. The next time you run your washing machine or dishwasher, wait until you can wash a full load. The machine uses the same amount of energy regardless of the size of the load. 


5-Air seal your home. Avoid wasting cooling and heating energy in your home by sealing air leaks. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air sealing your home can save an average of 15 percent on heating and cooling costs. 


6-Talk to a licensed electrician 

Partner with a licensed electrician to educate your family about responsible energy use at home. You will also need help from the pros to maintain the good working order of your electrical system. Find a reliable electrical company you can hire in your local area today!

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6 thoughts on “6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home”

  1. The proper and timely maintenance of hvac system will increase the efficiency of the system. Thanks for sharing the energy saving tips!
    By the way, If you are searching for hvac repair services, go and check out AA Heating and Air Conditioning. A very professional service provider.

  2. Such helpful tips! By the way, it seems like you didn’t mention pipe insulation as another energy-saving tip. By this, you can reduce heat loss by 25 to 45%!

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    I would also recommend paying attention to the electrical appliances in your home. As dependable as your refrigerator, water heater, and air conditioning unit is, they will – at some point – malfunction or degrade. This means they can lose their energy efficiency, requiring more power to do the same amount of work in your home.
    It’s beneficial to check your appliances regularly to identify any damage or even a buildup of dust and debris around the filters.

  4. Thanks for sharing such helpful content!
    I also think it’s important to mention the replacement of old windows. If you notice cracks or gaps, you can easily eliminate them by sealing them. But condensation on your windows may be a signal that the windows need to be replaced.
    Don’t neglect that – air leaks from bad-quality windows can account for 30 percent of your home’s energy bill!


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