Pros And Cons Of Borrowing Money For Your Education

Deciding on a career can be quite exciting. Finding yourself at that point in life where you get to chose what you would like to study and become in the future is a big decision that cannot be taken lightly. I remember my father saying that “people can take everything from you…but your knowledge” and that phrase stuck with me. I believe this whole heartedly but I also understand that going to University and pursuing your dream career can be very stressful even though it should be consider an investment. In this post we will discuss a little bit of the financial side of investing on your education. 

The Educational system in Brazil is very much flawed on so many levels. Growing up I had the unique opportunity to go to a private school and I believe I had a better shot when it came to deciding what career to invest my time and money on. In Brazil we have public and private Universities. The slots available on the public schools are very limited and the criteria for entering are extremely strict. I was lucky enough to hold a place on two different public and quite prestigious Universities in Rio but as I previously mentioned, I was extremely lucky to get in. 

To prepare for it I had to pay for private lessons and some sort of preparation course to get me to a place where I could have even a chance. Money is always at play when it comes to your education. Even if you go to a private University you will have expenses and you should be prepared. If you chose to go to a private University be aware that your finances have to be in check and you may need to borrow money. If you want a good read on the topic of managing student debt you should click here. You can see more here if you want some professional advice on how to consolidate your debt and manage it effectively.

I will list some of the pros and cons I believe are the most important ones when it comes to borrowing money for your education. Please be aware that the below are my personal opinions based on my personal experience living in Brazil and learning a little bit about different school systems around the world. 


  • It can be very expensive
  • You will have debt before you start your life
  • Paying your loan mean delaying your goals
  • It can be hard to negotiate if you can’t pay
  • Not paying means bad credit


  • You can instantly afford your subject and University of choice. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to chose your University 
  • Means the difference between a good and a bad University
  • You can use the money for different expenses like room, food, tuition
  • Paying your student loan debt builds up your credit
  • You can focus on studying instead of working to pay for school

I am currently living in the UK and I know that here they offer some help when it comes to student loans. If you need some more information on this particular topic check Student Loans Company – GOV.UK ( There you can find all the support and guidance you need and also how to apply for it.

If we go back to that phrase said by my father you will probably feel inclined to overlook the cons and sign up for a student loan and you shouldn’t feel guilty at all for it. I do believe knowledge is an investment and should never be looked at as a burden. At the end of it you will be a fully qualified professional on your area of choice and that alone is a huge accomplishment to be very much proud of. 

Be aware of the responsibilities that come with such a huge commitment for your life career and your finances. Make a very good research and get professional advice. Also make sure to have a good support system of family and friends so you can share any difficulties and work together towards your goal. Remember you do not have to do this all alone. You’ve got this! 


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