9 Key Reasons To Spring Clean Your Home In January

Spring cleaning the home and garden, is something most of us do every year. The sun starts to shine, the weather gets warmer, and we no longer want to cosy up inside. We want the outside in, we want air and space, and a fresh feeling in the house, we want the garden to be ready for entertaining. As soon as the daffodils poke their heads above ground, most of us want to cast off the shackles of winter and get the BBQ out.

This is all well and good, but you might be thinking that spring seems a long way off yet, so why are we talking about spring cleaning now?

There are actually, many good reasons to get a head start on your spring clean now. We’re not suggesting you whip the BBQ out just yet, but, it might just be the right time for a spring clean, for these 9 key reasons: If you need a little help with your spring cleaning, you could call in a company like Kwiksweep

  1. Selling Your Home

If you plan on selling your home this year, you need to start getting it sale ready now. A lot of people think that summer is the best time to sell your house, when in fact the best time to sell it, according to statistics, is Spring. If you’re cleaning and maintaining your house in Spring, you’re already behind schedule. Declutter, decorate and maintain your house now so you’re ready to sell it when it is statistically most likely to sell.

2. It Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you know that according to studies, you can burn nearly 200 calories in half an hour cleaning the floor, nearly 120 calories in half an hour hoovering, and nearly 100 calories in half an hour just sorting your wardrobe out? If you’re looking to lose weight, January is the ideal time to get spring cleaning your home, as it’s productive calorie burning!

3. Get The Garden Cleared Ready For New Plants & Vegetables

Although reports last year suggested that there has been a drop in certain areas of the UK, in the amount of people growing their own fruit and vegetables, there are still a lot of people growing their own produce at home. Sprouting seeds, and creating urban vertical gardens are very fashionable things to do and many people are still embracing the idea of grow your own, particularly in built up areas where space is at a premium. If you plan on getting your garden ready to grow you some delicious organic produce this year, then now is the time to start preparing your garden. Clear out all of the old furniture and children’s toys, broken plant pots and faded ornaments, plan your growing sections and start preparing the soil, building plant beds and getting your polytunnel or greenhouse fixed/ built.

4. You’re Indoors A Lot More Anyway

When it is freezing cold, or wet outside, and it gets dark so early, you are likely to be indoors a lot anyway. Why not be productive with your indoors time and get started on your spring clean?

5. Why Spend The First Nice Weather Inside Clearing Stuff Out?

Why is it, as soon as the weather gets warmer and sunnier that we, as a nation choose to start fixing up our homes and working hard? The weather is so unpredictable in the UK, if it is sunny, we should be outside enjoying it. To ensure you’re able to do that, you need to get a head start on your renovations.

6. Just After Christmas Is The Best Time To Feel Motivated To Get Rid Of Stuff

When the weather improves in spring, most of us want to go and enjoy it, we don’t necessarily have the motivation to tackle all the clutter, the dust, the bags of paperwork… it’s enough to make anyone plan a BBQ just to avoid it! Just after Christmas, is a great time to declutter because a lot of us have tons of new things in the house, so we have to downsize our stuff, to fit the new stuff in. Why not ramp up the clearout you are having to all clutter, not just items to replace with new Christmas things? It might be a little more work, but it means you will be using your post-christmas motivation to get things done, and you will feel super accomplished and organised having been so proactive so early on in the year.

7. You Have More Time To Plan Renovations For Summer And Can Prep For Them

Starting early, means you have way more time to plan what changes you want to make to your home. You have time to really shop around for that new outdoor furniture set you wanted, to think about landscaping the garden, the new carpet in the spare room. Your house will be prepped and ready, no need to rush a declutter and clean over the Easter holidays.

8. You Can Take Your Time

As we mentioned in our last tip, a lot of people tend to rush their spring clean over the Easter holidays. Starting now means you don’t have to rush it, and you can think carefully about items you want to send off to rubbish removal London, and items you perhaps want to sell or give to charity. You can spend a few hours at the weekend tackling tasks, or an hour a night: you can afford to take your time because you are way ahead of schedule.

9. You’ll Have More Time To Enjoy What Is Inside

It almost seems counterproductive to clean your home and renovate then spend all your time outside doesn’t it?If you get the house sorted during winter, you can enjoy it a lot more whilst you spend a lot more time inside it.

10. It Can Help You Feel Better And Start The Year On A Positive Vibe

There are so many studies that show decluttering is good for our mental health. Cluttered houses, and a long list of jobs to do, makes for a stressed and cluttered mind. Clearing your home, cleaning it and renovating it gives you a physical fresh start, which helps contribute to a clear and clean mind. What a perfect way to start the new year!

Hopefully, you’re feeling a little inspired to get started on your spring cleaning early. Whether you plan to have a vegetable patch to rival Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall,  a spare bedroom fit for a king, or you simply need to get your house in order ready to sell up, by getting started nice and early, you’re bound to find success in your spring plans.

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