New Elmer Range for Babies

We all love Elmer, the patchwork elephant. This colourful character has remained one of the most widely read and best selling series of children’s books of all time, since it was first published in 1989. Over 8 million copies have been sold worldwide, and the books have been translated into over 50 languages. Now, there are some new additions coming to the world of Elmer as new books, toys and clothing will be available this year.

We went sent some of the new Elmer goodies, including clothing from the new baby range which will be launching exclusively in Sainsburys. This is the first time that Elmer baby clothing has been available, and they are really cute! With Elmer being such a bright colourful and fun character, it’s the perfect fit for a baby range and will suit either boys or girls.

Baby N still needs to grow into these, but I know she will look so cute in them when she does, and they look really comfy too. The range includes sleepsuits, PJs, bibs and vests – which you can see above, and there’s also baby sleeping bags. These are all available in Sainsburys from January.

Look out for new Elmer plush toys and accessories too, from Rainbow Designs.

Baby N was quite interested in the plush Elmer already! She is only 4 weeks old, I think the bright colours and pattern grab her attention and it’s lovely to have the plush Elmer for her to hold and look at while we read the books, as she gets bigger.

The new format Elmer books that we were sent include a buggy book, and two hard back books. The buggy book has a ring to attach to a pushchair, or anywhere else that it will clip on, and is small to easily take out and about. We have the Elephant Colours book and there’s also a “Hello Animals” version.

Elephant Colours has lovely simple pages with elephants and the colour names, to help babies and toddlers learn. Baby N’s big brothers have enjoyed reading to her and teaching her.

We also have the new Elmer and Wilbur book (out in March) and the traditional Elmer story, both of which are charming funny and colourful stories that will be enjoyed over and over. If you’re not familiar with Wilbur, he’s Elmer’s new black and white cousin.

Elmer Day

In the Elmer book, the elephants end up celebrating Elmer Day. There is actually an official Elmer day too, which takes place on May 27th!

Visit to find out more, and receive an event pack including a guide on how to hold an Elmer Day event, stickers, posters, games and activity sheets.

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