Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear & Chicco Rainbow Cube Review

The Babythingz website has a wide range of baby toys and equipment, and we were sent a couple of baby night time toys to review. I chose the Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear in pink and the Chicco Rainbow Cube in Pink for baby N, both of which are suitable from newborn.

Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear

The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear is a white noise toy for babies, combined with a comforter. The toy comes in three parts: a small white noise machine which makes a womb sound, a silky comforter, and the teddy itself.

The white noise machine can be stored and used from inside the teddy, or taken out and used as a smaller stand alone white noise machine.

White noise machines are really popular for babies these days, but the Slumber Bear is the original white noise teddy and the only one with a real womb sound recorded from inside a mother’s womb.

The silky comforter can also be attached or detached to the teddy’s hands, which have velcro to clasp together holding it in place – so the toy is quite versatile as you can use just the separate parts you need at that time, or all three together.

We’ve used it in all different formats, sometimes just placing the white noise machine by itself in the moses basket as it’s smaller that way.

The slumber bear is very cute and soft, and all parts of it look well made. Baby N does respond well to white noise and I definitely feel that it helps to soothe her when she is tired, although she prefers to sleep in my arms mostly so won’t just usually go down in her own Moses basket and self settle with the slumber bear at the moment, but she is still very young. For babies who will go down and settle with the slumber bear, it has a feature where it will detect their movement and re start the womb sounds if they start to move around and wake from their sleep, which can help them to settle back down again without becoming fully roused – which definitely sounds helpful.

I do find that the volume of the audio box is quite quiet, and I would have liked more volume control with it but I did really appreciate that it already comes with the batteries installed. When you have a small baby who likes to be held most of the time, it’s not easy to install batteries one handed!!

The slumber bear is currently available for 19.99 on Babythingz

Chicco Rainbow Cube

The Chicco Rainbow Cube is a lights and music toy which entertains and stimulates baby with it’s sounds and colours.

The rainbow cube comes in blue or pink, and we have the pink version. The toy is a small cube with different shapes on each side, which allow different light patterns to be projected in the room, and it has a small soft doll on top for decoration.

The patterns on the sides are stars, kites and clouds, hearts, or plain light. There are 7 colours or you can put it on multi colour and have it rotate through different colour combinations – which I like the best.

The controls are really easy to use, with a dial to select the colour and one for the pattern. There’s also a volume control with two levels – although both of which are fairly loud (not too loud though for us).

The batteries don’t come included with this one, so you will need to take a minute to put in 3 x 1.5v AA

The light projections show up really well in a dark room, and offer fun sensory stimulation for a young baby. Baby N isn’t sleeping alone yet, to have these showing in her room while she falls asleep, but we’ve been using it just to stimulate and entertain her during play times – as long as the light is off and room is dark you can use it at any time.

The effects of the rainbow cube are quite exciting and engaging, so I would say if you want to induce sleep you may be better with the womb sound of the slumber bear, but for fun the Rainbow cube offers more interactivity and will grab a baby’s attention more – so both offer something quite different, and I’m enjoying using both with baby N.

The Rainbow Cube is currently available for 20.99 on Baby thingz


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