7 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Outdoor Chores

As technology continues to evolve: video games, computers, and hand held devices, our kids continue to sprout their couch potato roots. While this is not only harmful to their health, it brings with it a tragic effect on their work ethic. It’s not only important to get kids outside, it is important to get them outside doing chores so that they understand the ever so important mantra, “Work hard, play hard.” Here is a list of 7 ways to get kids involved in outdoor chores.

7 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Outdoor Chores

Wax on Wax Off-Wash the Car

No one can forget the inspiration and motivational methods of the true sensei, Mr. Miyagi. His method of getting “Daniel Son” to wax the cars was the ideal way of getting him outside and working. Kids today can wash the car without a problem. It’s a great chore that allows them to have a bit of fun with the hose.

Paint the Shutters

Take advice from this famous French artist, Edgar Degas, “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”, so have the kids paint the shutters. When kids are young and do not know how to paint, it will be an easy task for them. Might as well take advantage of the time when the work seems to be easy. Kids can actually enjoy themselves painting, and parents can help them get involved in the process by including them in selecting the color choice.

Water the Garden

This is a great chore the little ones are sure to enjoy. Any opportunity they get to play with water is a treat to them. Watering the garden will also teach them responsibility because the end product is something they will enjoy harvesting and eating.

Pull Weeds

Keeping the garden flowerbeds free from weeds is something that parents can do with their children. This chore can be a great learning experience for kids when parents teach them the difference between weeds and plants. Get creative and make it a contest to see who can find the most weeds, and kids are sure to enjoy the work.

Clean Up After the Pets

Kids love dogs, but they often do not understand how much responsibility it takes to own one. Get them involved with pet maintenance by having them clean up after their pets in the yard. This can include putting the dog’s toys away and cleaning up the waste they leave in the yard. Kids may not love this chore, but it is sure to teach them the responsibility that comes along with owning a pet.

Clean the Garage

Most garages are a dumping ground for kids. They stroll through and leave their bags for their different sports, they drop their bicycles off and run off to do something else, and sometimes they leave their shoes right at the door. Make a treasure hunt day to give kids the responsibility of finding these little “treasures” and putting them away. Surprisingly they will stroll across many items that they forgot they had or that they have been looking for, and they will end up being grateful that they have been found.

Boy mowing the grass. 7 ways to get kids involved in outdoor chores

Mow the Grass

Mowing the lawn is a right of passage for kids. When they reach a certain age, it becomes a responsibility. Make this chore a big deal by explaining that age plays a large factor in being allowed to do such an important task. Odds are, it will be a hard sell, but nonetheless, it is important that all kids have this chore bestowed upon them at some point.

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