6 Things You Must Definitely Do To Make Your Vietnam Trip Truly Memorable

If you are planning a vacation abroad then choose Vietnam this time. Vietnam has a lot to offer if you check out bookaway.com, but you just can’t afford to miss these 6 things to make it a cherishable trip in your lifetime.

  1. Hoi An

You just can’t miss a trip to Hoi An while in Vietnam. Hoi An is a sought after tourist place. This ancient tourist spot is full of amazing restaurants which will serve you the authentic and the best Vietnamese cuisine you can ever think of. Clicking a lot of lovely pictures is a must while in this bright city full of mirth and gaiety. Visit the lovely beaches at Hoi An, Try the Egg Coffee which is quite a famous delicacy here, don’t miss out the beautiful lantern market, nightlife of Hoi An is so much happening that once you experience it you’ll crave for more, there’s a lot more to do in Hoi An such as you can take cooking classes, get a relaxing massage here and explore the corners of this beautiful city steeped in rich culture and tradition. 

  1. Cruise

Visiting Halong Bay and not enjoying the cruise? Seriously? It is perhaps the most beautiful thing to experience, a cruise in Halong bay. The Limestone Mountains all around will take you to some other world. You can opt for a nonstop cruise which will continue for two to three days which means you’ll be able to experience the surreal sight at nights as well and believe us at night this place looks ethereal. 

  1. Scuba diving

Enjoy underwater sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, walking on the sea bed etc. and explore the marine life too. There are numerous virgin beaches where you can indulge in these sports such as the Cham islands, Nha Trang; you get to see colourful species of fish, the beautiful coral reefs, also don’t forget to get on the boat with a glass bottom; you can sit in the boat and behold the underwater wonders and the list continues. 

  1. Phong Nha Caves

Explore the biggest cave in the world, the Phong Nha Caves. Although you must contact the right person or tour company who’ll take you to explore these caves because stepping into this cave means stepping into a deep dark and dense forest. Get bewitched by the beauty of this cave. This journey won’t be a cakewalk for you but if you are an adventure enthusiast you’ll love it.  

  1. Sapa

Sapa is great for Trekkers. Trek through the amazing landscape at misty Sapa. There are numerous hamlets in these hills where you can interact with the local tribal groups and get to know about their culture and tradition and taste the lip-smacking cuisine.

  1. Hue

Experience the Royalty in Vietnam and for that, you have to visit Hue. Hue was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. There are lovely tombs and places of immense historical significance here. Also, visit the Chu Chi tunnels to understand how Viet Congs used the confusing network of tunnels during the Vietnam War. 

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