Top tips when visiting London Zoo with the kids

Top tips when visiting London Zoo with the kids

A trip to the capital as a family is almost a must-do while the kids are still young. So much to see and do – and plenty for the kids to learn about, too. Along with the usual suspects like Big Ben and the Tower of London, London Zoo sits as one of the most popular attractions the city has to offer.

Of course, a trip to the zoo is bound to provide a day of fun and memories no matter how you do it, but there are a few ways to make the most of your big day out. Here are some top tips for getting the best from your animal adventure.

Plan your day

It’s no secret that planning any day with the kids helps things run more smoothly. The zoo is an all-year round attraction, with animals to see both indoors and out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the weather when booking your tickets (unsurprisingly, the zoo is a little less fun in the pouring rain).

Likewise, think about the age of your children and how much you should expect to do before they get tired. You’ll find most zoos have day planner pages – London Zoo is no different. Have a look what’s on offer and use the power of common sense to plan the best day possible.

Get your supplies right

OK, so the zoo is loads of fun, but like any full-day activity, there’s plenty of potential for a tired child or a momentary strop. What’s the answer? Tasty treats, delicious drinks and sensible snacks – and plenty of them.

Unless you’re planning on buying something there, take your zoo trip as an opportunity to create the perfect picnic. Lots of sandwiches, plenty of drink and definitely a few sweets to keep the little ones going through the day.

Take it all in

The zoo is obviously all about the animals, but there’s more to it than simply looking into the enclosures. The zoo is a brilliant learning opportunity for the kids, whether that’s reading up on the child-friendly info boards or listening to the talks from the experts.

If you want to make the day even more special, London has plenty of interactive ‘experiences’ where the kids can get up close and personal with some amazing animals, as well as learning about key matters like conservation and our impact on the environment.

Use discounts

It’s no secret that London tends to mean a few pricey days out – the good news is that the zoo is probably one of the better priced full-day packages you can find. Even so, there are still discounts to be found which will make your day even cheaper.

Discount London has specially tailored discounts for the zoo (as well as plenty of other top London attractions), meaning you can save a bit of money to spend on other activities. If your trip to London is about more than just one trip, it’ll pay to seek out the best deal you can.

So, plan, bring food, find a good deal and make sure to take advantage of everything the zoo has to offer and you’ll have a memorable day to enjoy with the whole gang.

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