How to Make Your Own Board Game with Your Child

Board games are meant to provide fun and creativity during playtime, so why not create your own board game. They are one of the great ways to develop social skills in early life. Boards are quite expensive, so it will be cheaper to create one using recycled materials. When designing the board, it is good to consider the age range of the players. The target age influences the game rules and the complexity of the game board. For example, good board games for 6 year olds that are fun to play, both educational and easy to understand are ideal for children.

Make a List of Board Game Materials Needed
Materials may vary depending on the type of game. Each game has a unique need, so make a list of all the elements required for the game before it’s finished. Chipboard or binder boards are the best materials to mount a board game. They reflect a professional feel and are durable. Use an old game board as a base. A paper can be glued over the old game board to hide the old layout. Card stock can also be used to cover or make game boards. They are durable and are available at many hobby shops. Card stock can be cut or punched to make simple tokens and counters. 

Illustrate Your Game
Try to get a creative design for your game board. It’s the centerpiece, so make sure the instructions on it are clear and easy to read. The pathways and playing field must be marked. The game board is the centerpiece, so one must be creative with the design. Paths and playing fields must be well marked, and all instructions on the board should be easy to read. Remember, imagination is the limit when doing the decoration. Things such as markers, paint and ready made print outs can be used to make the board exciting. Vibrant colors are more eye catching. Protect the work from damage by laminating the board. 

Create the Game Pieces
Game pieces can be done by drawing images and then tapping them to the card stock. One can also print pictures and glue them to card stock. For example, one can use real photos of kids to make a family game. One can also involve a professional printer to polish the designs of the game pieces and print them on quality stock. To give the game pieces a base, fit them onto a plastic game stand. Plastic game stands are available at most general retailers. Materials such as handmade chess pieces or origami animals can be used to make game pieces.

Create Your Spinner or Game Cards
By the use of cardboard, pushpin, and markers, one can make a spinner. Attach the pin at the center of a circular board by sticking it through the base of the cardboard through an arrow. On the cardboard, draw the spinner circle. One can make game cards at home from card stock. Plain play cards might not be exciting to kids, use creative descriptions to add flavor to the deck.

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