5 Simple Yet Fun Party Games For Kids

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By Luciana Oliveira

For most moms, something that constantly comes up is parties and get-togethers. 

As your children will get older, they’ll make friends of course, and have them over. In those situations, it’ll be up to you to keep them entertained and pacified and the best way to do that is through fun games

In this article, we’re listing out 5 of the most fun yet effortless games that you can organize within minutes and ensure that the kids have a wonderful time. 


  • 20 Questions

Starting slow and simple, we have everyone’s favorite party game – 20 questions. This has been a classic for a long time, and rightly so as there is hardly anything more interesting than getting to know each other with lots of laughter and intrigue. This is a great way for your child to interact with their peers and build a great friendship. On the mommy’s side, this requires no organizing at all. However, if you would like to add in a new element, you can write down some funny and interesting questions for kids and place them in a bowl. Then the kids can pick out random questions turn by turn and ask them to the person sitting next to them. If the kids haven’t played 20 questions before, this is a great way to simplify things. 


  • Pictionary

Another classic party game that is fun for people of all ages is Pictionary! The way you play it is this: People are divided into teams. Then, one member of each team draws a picture or a symbol on a board, turn by then, and the other members of the same team must guess what the drawing signifies. If they’re correct, point to them. Not only is this a great way to spend time and have fun, but it is also a learning opportunity. Such games improve logical thinking and deduction skills in children because not only do they have to figure out the answer from the visual clue but even the person drawing the clue has to portray something that can hint towards the answer without giving too much away. 


  • Treasure Hunt

Compared to the ones we’ve listed till now, Treasure Hunt requires a bit more effort but the results are sweet. In case you didn’t know, a treasure hunt involves setting up clues in various places, and in the end, there’s a special prize. It’s the perfect game for a birthday party or a weekend get-together as it will keep the kids occupied happily most of the day. This too is another excellent way to develop thinking and deducing skills. Now you may be thinking that figuring out the clues will be hard, but that’s not so at all. You can get ample amounts of help from the internet and create clues in no time. You may also be thinking that getting the prize and arrangement will be expensive, but you’d be wrong. For instance, goodie bags of candy and stationery would be an affordable yet great prize. 


  • Sock Puppets

If you want something hands-on and crafty without being too expensive, then take out your old socks and have a sock-puppet creation session. Give the children some old socks, glue, buttons, and wool and ask each of them to make their puppets. This is not only fun and interesting but an opportunity for children to explore their creative side. This also doesn’t require much prep at all. The only thing you need to check is whether you have old socks with you or not. Once they’re done making their puppets, you can continue the game for longer and have them put-up a play or a story with their newly-created sock puppets. They can then take their characters home as well. This is another excellent idea for a birthday activity. Each child’s sock puppet can be filled with candy and trinkets at the end as a party favor. 


  • Hide and Seek

Last but not least, we have everyone’s favorite: hide and seek. This game continues to remain popular and fun for children and adults alike (including us). The best thing about hide and seek is that it requires no prep at all, and it’s a great idea to turn to if you have to deal with unexpected guests or a previous idea fell through. It’s also very versatile, meaning that you can play it indoors as well as outdoors. Now, safety concerns may arise with hide and seek as children tend to get over-excited. So it’s best to set ground rules before. You can keep certain areas of the house off-limits and also establish some rules, such as a stipulated amount of time to find all the players after which everyone must come out. 


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  1. Keeping kids occupied is a challenge in itself and when they have friends over it is difficult to keep them entertained. We played Pictionary when one of them had their friends over. Kids loved it. Thanks for these entertaining game ideas. I will try sock puppet next time.


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