What Colors Make Green? Color Mixing Activity for Kids (with Printables)

Most children love colors and mixing them together. They get the opportunity to play with their own creativity by making different combinations and shades.

How do we mix different colors, make a lighter shade or a darker shade?Offering color mixing activities is a great way to allow the children to discover the outcomes for themselves, and to be amazed by the results. 

The activities in this blog post will have children mixing and matching their own colors in order to discover what they need to make the color green – and the rest of the colors in the rainbow.

FREE PRINTABLE color mixing worksheets and activities, exploring shades and tones of a color

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Finding Graffiti Artists in London: A Complete Guide about Graffiti and London

Graffiti in London was from the start of the street art movement in New York during the 1980s. The English hip-hop and electronic music subcultures were in full swing back then. And London’s streets were slowly getting transformed into canvases when artists started “tagging” their names all over the city. But it wasn’t until the 1990s when Shoreditch was slowly becoming more and more popular for up-and-coming street artists. 

People can find graffiti artists in london even today and it has secured a place in everyone’s heart due to the amazing artists. Shoreditch today is the epicenter of London if anyone wants to see the street art scene. However, before the 1990s, this area was not a popular place to live, let alone visit. After this, the street artists started leaving their “tags” on everything and everywhere around London’s East End. It was a way of marking their territory to show their fellow street artists.

Graffiti is a concern in the inner cities, it makes neighborhoods appear dirty and run down. While removing graffiti is expensive, back alleys, open spaces, footbridges, underground tunnels, council property all are susceptible to graffiti painting. Moreover, the public walls and fences are all vulnerable to graffiti.

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