4 Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence

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By Luciana Oliveira

If there is one thing most women lack it would be body confidence to lesser or greater degrees. Sadly, one of the most common jokes-turned-meme are about that very fact, “Honey does this make me look fat?”

How silly is that! Do you really think she wants an answer? Even so, if you are feeling depressed over the fact that your body isn’t shaped like you want or maybe you are carrying a few extra inches in the wrong places, fear not. There are ways to boost your body confidence and the boosting begins right here, right now.

1. Real Men Love Curves

Did you think we were going to say quiche? Actually, all joking aside, most men thrill at the idea of walking into a social event with a curvaceous woman on his elbow.

There’s something so inherently sexy about a full hourglass body that stirs the imagination. Did you know that a Heist body shaper undergarment can pull in the tummy and waist, giving you those hourglass lines you so desire?

2. Get Over It!

This is easier said than done but if you stop to think about it, some of the most attractive and sought-after celebs of the past couple decades have been full bodied women.

Think Kardashian and you will know what we mean. Or, what about Beyonce? If you think that only pencil-thin runway models have the perfect body, think again. Ask any man if he’d rather have a Kardashian or a Twiggy and you won’t wait long for the answer!

3. Take a Good Look Around You

Perhaps you have been stuck so long looking inward at all your perceived faults that you’ve failed to get a good look around you. While it is never healthy to compare, maybe it’s time you started for just this purpose.

There are few perfect figures walking around out there and who is to define perfect anyway? A “perfect” body is defined by fashion designers and oddly, only models tend to have the perfect body! Don’t let fashion week affect your body confidence. 

4. Hit the Gym

We say this with the very best of intentions. Even though you are probably beautiful just as you are, there is something to be said about getting in a couple hours of aerobic exercise and core training each and every week.

Perhaps you’ll never really be able to build a body shape the way you’d like it to be, but those exercises can have you living a happier, healthier life. Did you know that depression is the number one issue arising from poor body confidence? Exercise is proven to prompt changes in the body’s chemistry that can counteract depression, so keep up the good work!

Finally, if you really are having difficulty lifting your body confidence, you may want to lay off social media for a bit. There is nothing like getting on there to read how other women are getting roasted. Don’t fall prey to the kind of gossip you’ll find on Facebook, for example.

You are working on YOUR body confidence, and you certainly don’t want mean-spirited ‘friends’ breaking you down all over again. Remember, put a smile on your face and stand up proudly. You really are beautiful so get out there and show them.

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