11 Unisex Theme Ideas For A Nursery Room

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for your baby’s arrival is planning and designing their nursery room. Whether it’s your first time or fifth time preparing a nursery room, the idea of designing it is still something that most parents look forward to. Before, most parents often found themselves getting stuck between creating a pink or a blue nursery room. Thankfully, you can forget all about the pink and blue options as there are so many trendy themes nowadays that are aesthetically better than the gendered decorations. 

For parents out there who wish to leave the gender reveal a surprise until the delivery day, worry no more. You don’t need to let the waiting game spoil the fun of decorating your baby’s nursery room. To begin, check out these eleven unisex theme ideas for your baby’s nursery room and see which one’s your favourite. 

  • Gray Palette 

One of the best backdrops for gender-neutral nursery rooms is the grey palette. For this one, you only need to paint the wall grey and add a few graphic accents through the furniture and decoration. You can go for a white sleigh cot, a few grey or white chairs, and a touch of other colours through the decorations. Now you have a stunning gender-neutral room for your baby.  

  • Wild Animals 

Bring some fun vibes into your baby’s room by using wild animals as decorations such as lions, dinosaurs, tigers, or giraffes. You can paint the wall white before adding vivid and contrasting colours through the animals. You might also want to add red or orange colours for your seating options.  

  • Modern Farmhouse 

Instead of thinking of a specific colour for your nursery room, why not think of a particular style or vibe? For instance, you can decorate your nursery room that would achieve a modern farmhouse vibe. You can use natural wood tones for the walls, floors, and even some decorations. You can then incorporate a few kid-friendly indoor plants to make the space more inviting and cosier.  

  • Rainbow Hues 
Interior of modern baby room

Using rainbow colours means you don’t need to choose one specific colour to carry out the room’s theme. In this option, you can incorporate furniture pieces and decorations that are multi-coloured. For example, you can cover your sleigh cot with multi-coloured sheets and blankets. Then, hang a few toys that feature different colours and movie characters.  

  1. Traditional Colour Combo 

You can’t go wrong with using the world’s most famous colour duo, black and white. What’s more, it’s also very easy to pull off as you only need to focus on incorporating decorations and furniture pieces that are either black or white. You can also layer a few touches of grey to soften the room’s ambience.  

  • All White 

If you’re not into the colour combo, you might as well only go for one colour, which is white. With an all-white concept, you can easily make your baby’s room look lighter, cleaner, and calmer nursery environment. You can also use the natural light to your advantage by using white, silky curtains for the sunlight to easily reflect inside the room.  

  • Bold Wallpapers 

Another great theme to up your baby’s design game is bold wallpapers. Go for wallpapers that feature gender-neutral graphics like stars, forest vibe, or animal prints. If filling the entire room with wallpapers sounds overwhelming, you can use temporary wallpapers, so it’ll be easier to change them up in case you change your mind.  

  • Cosmic Design 

Another unique theme to consider for your baby’s room is a cosmic design. In this theme, you’ll need to use a mural of constellations as the walls’ focal point. You can also incorporate other accessories such as hanging planets, star stickers on the ceiling, and toys featuring aliens or spaceships. 

  • Under The Sea 

The ocean can offer so many nursery room inspirations! You can go for under the sea theme, the seashore theme, or a tropical theme. Any theme that relates to the ocean would usually use tropical colours such as ocean blue, yellow, green, and other cheery colours for the fishes.  

  • Little Traveller 

Are you a passionate traveller with the goal of sharing the same hobby with your future baby? You might want to consider decorating their nursery room with a travel theme. You can use the world map or printed planes as the wallpapers. You can even buy artificial clouds and an aeroplane stuff toy and hang them on the ceiling  

  • Hot Air Balloons 

Hot air balloon themes are really taking off. This theme is often used in kids’ parties, baby showers, and birthday parties. So, why not make use of this theme too for your baby’s room? This theme is all about using light pastel colours and, of course, using hot air balloons as the room’s focal point. 


Now you have a list of unisex theme ideas for your baby’s nursery room. So, get ready to pick one and start planning your nursery shopping list.  

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