11 Cool Craft Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

Let’s be honest – kids get bored quickly and often! This leaves parents scratching their heads, spending considerable amounts of time trying to come up with fun things to do.

But with so many things to juggle, taking an impromptu trip to the park is not always possible.

So, what do you do? In a world where keeping your child’s attention for a minute is a miracle, you need a couple of tricks up your sleeve.

Be it toys that you can make together and play with or fun crafts that the entire family can get in on, your kids need a creative outlet to keep them busy.

So, here are 11 cool craft ideas for kids of all ages that you can try out with your little ones!

1. Rock Paperweights 

There is no better way to express your creativity than taking something ordinary like a rock and making it into a work of art!

And the best part is that it can actually be used as a cool paperweight.

Ask your kids to pick their favorite colors and paint some flat rocks you found around the backyard.

You can keep them at home or take one to work as a memento from your kids!

2. An I-Spy Bottle 

Do you remember that game you used to play on road trips that went on forever?

Well, here’s an upgraded indoor version of the infamous I-Spy game! However, it is still travel-friendly and can keep the kids entertained when they are stuck in the backseat.

All you need to do is fill a bottle with rice or beans along with a handful of fun charms.

They could be coins, beads, marbles, or tiny figurines. Now shake it all up and take turns guessing which little treasure you are looking at. 

3. Balloon Bowls 

All you need for this one is some confetti or cut-up bits of recycled paper and some glue, and you are set for a whole afternoon!

Take your balloon and coat the top half of it with a layer of glue. Now roll it around in confetti or pieces of paper until they have stuck to the surface.

Repeat the process until that half of the balloon is completely covered with paper, then let it dry.

Come back after a couple of hours and pop the balloon. And voila, you are left with a bowl! 

4. Soap Clouds 

This is one craft even your teenagers will love to do. It is like a wonky science experiment that no one can get enough of!

Take a bar of plain white soap and simply put it in the microwave. Make sure to place a wax sheet or a paper towel underneath it and watch what happens when you keep it in for a couple of minutes on high heat.

It starts to grow and form “clouds.” Although they may look wispy, you can pick them up in big chunks.

However, it is still soap, so be careful not to smash it. You can use cookie cutters to make fun new soap shapes after you are done playing with your soap cloud. 

5. Collages 

Who doesn’t like making a neat collage? Give your kids some old papers and magazines, a pair of scissors, and some glue, and see what they come up with. Extra points if they come up with a funny story! 

6. Sandpaper-Printed T-shirts 

That’s right – sandpaper can transfer crayons to fabrics! Let your kids draw their favorite characters or designs onto fine sandpaper.

Then, place the sandpaper drawing side down onto a T-shirt or any other cotton garment and run an iron over it on high heat.

The heat will make the crayon drawing melt and transfer onto the cloth!

7. Tie-Dye Party 

This is another craft all kids are into. It is also trending right now, so you can buy tie-dye kits for the whole family.

Pick up some white or pastel clothes, bunch them up, and get dyeing. This craft is great because every piece turns out unique and cool! 

8. Fairy House 

It doesn’t have to be summertime to put those popsicle sticks to good use.

You can always make a mini house by sticking popsicle sticks strategically.

Let the kids have a go at constructing a house and then decorate it however they like. 

9. DIY Lava Lamp 

All you need is water, oil, and food coloring for this entertaining masterpiece.

Fill an empty soda (transparent) bottle a third of the way with water, then top it up with vegetable oil.

Just make sure you don’t fill the bottle all the way up. Add a few drops of food coloring.

Lastly, break an alka-seltzer tablet into small pieces and drop them into the bottle one at a time.

Now, watch your lava lamp come to life! This is a fun activity to do on the porch where your child has the freedom to make a mess.

Get different colors of food coloring to make it even more fascinating! 

10. Glove Monsters 

Making glove monsters or puppets is super easy! Simply cut colored paper or felt to make the eyes, nose, and mouth of the puppet and stick them onto an old sock. Finish off the puppet by sticking on a pair of googly eyes! 

11. Glue Painting 

This one is so cool yet so easy to do! Just pour some glue onto a sheet of paper and add a couple of drops of paint.

Take a toothpick or a tiny brush and swirl the paint around. Let it dry in the pattern of your choice. 

Now that you have got all these ideas up your sleeve, keeping your kids entertained will be a piece of cake.

Try out these crafts to have some fun and bond with them while they let their creative juices flow!

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