What Happens to the Baby’s Room When He Grows Up?

What Happens to the Baby’s Room When He Grows Up?

Designing a super room for the new arrival in the family is one of the best things you could do while waiting for the baby to be born. This task really helps build up your anticipation levels and ensures that there is a fantastic room waiting for him when he finally decides to make an appearance.

However, at some point the little one is going to grow and you are going to have to do something with their room. The following are some ideas for getting it just right.

BABY'S ROOM TO BOY ROOM - What to do with the baby's room when he grows up?

Get Him Involved in the Re-Design Process

Once your child is old enough to express their opinions and get involved in the design process it is a very good idea to make them part of the whole thing. Clearly, most children wouldn’t know where to start if you gave them an empty room and asked them what they wanted in it. Instead, you could narrow down the options in each case until there are just a few different options open to them. For example, you could have a list of 3 or 4 beds that all meet your criteria and budget and let him choose which one of these he most likes. This is a terrific way of getting him used to making decisions and it should also ensure that he loves his new room right from the very start.

Give Him a Bigger Room

Perhaps this is also a good moment to move the little one out of a room that they have now outgrown. It is often most convenient to put a new baby into the smallest bedroom in the house. After all, they hardly use any of the space for the first year or so anyway. Once they get bigger and move around moving them to a bigger room can be a great idea if you have the space available to do this. Of course, this means filling up the new room with stuff, which is great fun. It also means that you will have his old room freed up to do something else with. Depending upon the size of shape of it you might like to think about converting it into a games room or maybe a home cinema room. If it is really small then it can be a challenge to furnish but it can also be very interesting to look for pieces of furniture for this type of room. To get a classy look you could check out the likes of the unicheinteriorfurnishings.co.uk site for ideas. This is a wonderful opportunity to make something special out of the room as well as make the child happy in their new bedroom too.

Keep the Memories Alive

Some parents prefer to keep their baby’s room untouched, even when the little one has moved to a different part of the house. There are a couple of different reasons why they might think like that. For a start, they might think that another baby could be along soon and that it would be just as well leaving everything as it is for them to use. The other reason is that might like to keep their memories alive by keeping the baby room intact. It’s a simple fact of life that babies grow up too fast and the bedroom they used for the first period of their life could soon become a link to the past for you. If you simply can’t face up to the idea of clearing out this special room then you shouldn’t feel rushed into doing so. Unless you have a pressing need for the space you could leave it fully furnished until you are ready for the big change.

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