Y-Fliker Air A3 Review

It’s been a couple of years since we first came across Y-Fliker scooters, and Z got his first Y-Fliker Air A1 which is suitable for age 5+. Now that he’s 7, he’s ready to move on to one of the larger Y-Fliker scooters and we have been trying out the Y-Fliker Air A3.

Y-Fliker Air A3

I was pretty sure that the Yvolution Y-Fliker Air A3 would be great, since we’ve always been very happy with the younger version. Luckily, I was right and this version is just as good but it is larger and able to handle bigger children so Z will be able to continue his Y-Fliker scooting for a good few more years on this scooter.

Y-Fliker Air A3 and Air A1

Here’s the size difference between the Air A1 on the left and the Air A3 on the right.

As you can see, the Y-Fliker design has space for two feet instead of the usual one, and it is a three wheeled scooter. Since Z has been using the Y-Fliker style for a while, with the Air A1, he much prefers it to the usual one footed two wheeled scooters and he is able to go pretty fast on it.

Y-Fliker Air A3 foot plates

The foot plates are gripped to make sure children don’t slip, and you can fold it down for storage as required.

With the Y-Fliker, Z loves how fast he can spin and turn, and he will spend ages riding it either at the park or even in the paved area of our back garden. This is a great active toy that keeps kids attention for a long time and will last for years. Now that Z moved on to the A3, he’s passing his A1 down to his little brother T who is 5, so they do have that longevity and durability even with lots of regular use.

Y-Fliker Air A3

It is a slightly different technique to typical scooter riding, involving a side to side motion to build up speed but he got the hang of this quickly when we first got his old Y-Fliker A1, and his younger brothers quite easily picked it up too.

The brake is at the handle, and works very well to allow him to control his scooter even if he needs to stop very suddenly.

Y-Fliker Air A3 brake

You can buy the Y-Fliker Air A3 for 69.99 on Amazon which is great value considering the amount of use and active play you will get from it. The Air A1 has been one of Z’s favourite toys over the last couple of years, and I see this upgraded version set to be just as well loved.

We were sent the Y-Fliker Air A3 for review

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