Dragon Island from Schleich

We love Schleich figures. They have the best quality animal figures that we have come across, and are great for developing imaginary play. Schleich have a new Dragon Island range out now, with lots of cool dragon figures and the boys were sent a couple to try out.

schleich dragons

I knew that they would love these dragons, and I was right! This simple toy offers lots of play potential, and can be combined with other toys you may already have like castles and knights to make a whole play scene.  You can also buy the castle and knights from the same range if you want to complete the set.

The dragon figures are really detailed, and made in a very realistic style – I know dragons are not really ‘real’! But the style is more similar to a real animal, rather than being cartoony or ‘cute’. At my boys ages (4,5 and 7) these real looking dragons appeal to them more, and are considered to be cooler.

There are 6 dragons in the new Dragon Island range:

(Click through each link to see more about each dragon on Amazon (aff) )

The dragons that we have are Dragon Flyer (seen below) and Dragon Fighter (the red dragon in the first image)

schleich dragons

I’m sure my boys would love to collect them all!

These dragons are quite large, and seem to be very sturdy to handle being played with boisterously

schleich dragons

They are great for any child of around 3-8 years old who enjoys imaginary play. My boys also combined these with our Schleich dinosaurs which are a similar size. You can have a battle Dragons Vs Dinosaurs!

Schleich figures are also really good for setting up DIY small words, or sensory bins. We recently used our Schleich ocean animals in a sensory bin which you can see here.

schleich dragons

The dragons are available from around 12.99-14.99 depending on the specific dragon, and should last for years.

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