WWE Stackdown Starter Pack Review

We’re always keen to try new construction toys, so it was great to review one of the new WWE Stackdown starter packs. These sets are build-able play sets made with small bricks that are compatible with other major constructions brands like Lego.

wwe stackdown starter set construction toy compatible with Lego

These are the varieties currently available:

We received the High Flyin’ Sin Cara set which you can see above. This set is made up of 73 pieces and was easy enough for Mr Z (6) to build using the instructions booklet provided. The level of construction is fairly simple as some of the main pieces of the set are quite large (such as the arches) which helps with ease of building. The set was fun to build and once it was completed, Mr Z’s younger brothers also enjoyed playing with the set.

When you open the box you get two bags of lego-style pieces plus the instructions. I did notice that there are a few spares for some of the smallest pieces too which is handy, as we all know that young children can easily loose those pieces sometimes.

wwe2Once completed, the set looks like this:

wwe smackdown starter set flying sin caraThe boys are not very familiar with the sport of WWE but this didn’t prevent their enjoyment from this toy at all. They were easily able to grasp the idea of launching “Sin Cara” and I think a strong flying character will appeal to many children whether they follow the sport or not.

wwe starter pack flying sin cara

The quality of the pieces is good, they are fairly sturdy and were easy enough to put together. Since building we have mixed these bricks with other brands and not had an issues with compatibility. They are small, so obviously with under 3s in the house you might want to keep an eye on the younger siblings and play with this set out of their reach. Mr R is 3 year old now and was fine with this set, he was very interested when he saw his older brothers playing and loved the Sin Cara minifigure.

wwe sin cara minifigureThe coat part of the costume on this figure is removable which is a nice touch. There is plenty of detail in the set. Each of the WWE Stackdown starter sets have an RRP of under £10 each which is a great price and very reasonable for a set with this amount of pieces. Any child can enjoy these sets and if you have a child who is really interested in watching WWE then I’m sure they would love them even more. I’ve seen that there are some bigger sets available too so you can easily expand your collection, and they will all mix and match in together.



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  1. I’m quite money savvy and I feel like something like this would be about £6 as there isn’t much there, but, this is how I feel about all lego toys :).

    My little one and I do watch wrestling so think he’d rather be into John Cena than that of Sin Cara :)/


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