Ways to Make Kids Birthdays Special

Kids birthdays are important to mark. While other annual holidays like Christmas and Eid are lots of fun for the whole family and community, a birthday is a special day just about them. My kids look forward to their birthdays all year round! You don’t have to spend a lot or go all out to make kids birthdays special. Here are some simple and thoughtful ideas to make kids birthdays special and memorable.

simple ways to make your child's birthday special

  • A Special Cake

Cake is always one of the most important things for my kids. They are so excited by different designs and love to share the cake with their family and friends. Check out our kids cake decorating ideas page for lots and lots of fun birthday cake ideas on different themes like pirates, fire engines or spiderman. The next birthday coming up in our family will be Mr T in December and he has mentioned that he would like a Skylanders cake

  • A Special Day Out

This is something we always do for the kids birthdays. We let the birthday child choose and then enjoy a family day out at the location of their choosing. It’s a great way to spend quality family time and since they often choose places we don’t get to go to too often they are always excited. Our boys often go for Thomasland or Legoland but smaller less expensive days out also work. On some birthdays they have chosen trips to soft play or one of our local water play places. Because Mr T was non verbal until he was 4 we used to show him a few pictures of days out places and let him choose his birthday outing like that.

  • Giving out sweets or gifts

Birthdays are not only about receiving gifts, but giving is a lot of fun too. Children always love to give out sweets or a small toy or trinket to their school friends. This is something most of the children do here, so the boys often come out of class with sweets to celebrate someone’s birthday. This is an easy way to include all of the children in their class if you are not having a large whole class party. If you don’t want to give sweets or chocolates, you can give fun rubbers (erasers) or pencils or that type of small toy.

  • Decorate the house

Decorating the house for the kids birthdays always makes them feel special. For Mr T’s last birthday we put lots of lights all around and for Mr R’s birthday we put pirate decorations. Of course balloons always add a sense of fun too! You could fill their room with balloons while they are asleep so that they get a birthday surprise in the morning!

  • Personal touches

If you’re having a party then personal touches in the decorations or the invitations can help to make the party more special. Personal thank you cards are always a good idea too, to help children to learn the value of thanking others.

"I am one" birthday outfit for 1 year old - and other ways to make kids birthdays special

  • Special outfits

When the boys had their first and second birthdays, I often used to put them in special t-shirts or outfits with “I am 1” “I am 2” etc on them which made for some very cute photo opportunities too! As they got older they would rather get new outfits with their favourite characters, or have a new football top to wear but either way something new and special to wear always makes kids feel happy and proud on their birthday.

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