Tips for a Good Nights Sleep for the Whole Family (with free e-book)

Getting a good nights sleep is so important. I know that when I don’t get enough sleep, it definitely affects my mood the next day and if it happens night after night it can really impact on the family as we’re not at our best.

It’s the same for children too. If they are not getting enough sleep then they won’t be at their best either. It can affect their learning at school, and can leave them over tired and grumpy.

Getting a good night's sleep. Tips for the whole family

Feather and Black understand the importance of sleep and have produced a free e-book packed full of information, from what commonly prevents us from getting a good sleep, to helping establish a good sleep routine for kids.

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I asked some of my fellow bloggers for their tips about sleep and here’s the advice they had to share:

I find swimming great for getting my kids to sleep well, especially when they are tiny! My toddler is a terrible sleeper but I find he’s a lot better if he’s eaten properly. It’s not always easy if you have a fussy eater but if you can find a healthy meal for dinner that they love it really does pay off! – Kate from Crafts on Sea

For kids – regular bedtime routine, bathtime and story time in a nice quiet atmosphere. We’ve had the same routine since Monkey was a baby and he is a good sleeper. For me, I always read when I go to bed, it helps me unwind and switch off after a busy day. – Mary from Over40 and a Mum to One

We have thick blind/curtain to block the sun light for kids room. Then a soft night light. Sometimes I use a lavender spray to aid sleep too, or use dry lavender and place it inside pillow case – Eileen from ET Speaks from Home

A familiar environment always helps my two, so if we are away or staying at grandparents I always make sure we have their favourite soft toy and if possible their own blanket or even pillow case and they settle easily – Jen from My Mummies Pennies

Screen-free time before bed – remove TVs, tablets, phones etc from the bedtime routine so everyone has at least half an hour screen free before trying to sleep. Ban gadgets from the bedroom too so the temptation to check phones etc isn’t there to disturb sleep – Pippa from Red Rose Mummy

tips for getting enough sleep

Here’s some more in depth tips and advice on ensuring a good sleep for the whole family:

Six Changes to make during the day to help at night – on In The Playroom. Guest post from the authors of the book “Sleep and your special needs child.” These tips will also work for a neurotypical child!

Two sneaky tips to get your kids to go to sleep fast – from Pint Sizes Treasures

25 Tips to help kids sleep through the night – B Inspired Mama

To dream feed or not to dream feed – from Dr Orlena Kerek at Snotty Noses

How does screen time and sleep affect your child’s behaviour – Golden Reflections Blog

Glowing sensory bottle for bed time at Kid’s Activities Blog

Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to download your free sleep tips e-book

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