Wooden Chuggington Over & Under Starter Set from Tomy

My boys have been big fans of Chuggington for several years now, and they absolutely love playing with wooden trains. Most mornings when they wake up early they keep themselves busy by making elaborate wooden tracks across the play room floor. I knew that they would love the Chuggington wooden railway sets and I was right!

We were sent the Chuggington Over & Under Starter Set from Tomy, along with a couple of extra wooden engines and it was a great hit with the boys. I’m happy to see that it’s a toy that they can all play with together which is always a definite positive.

chuggington over & under wooden starter set

The set comes with 22 pieces and creates a figure of 8 track over two levels. The clock tower is a 2 in 1 design so the children can either stack it to make the tower, or separate and unstack the pieces to create two separate tunnels.

chuggington over & under starter set review

This is the clock tower formation shown above.

chuggington wooden railway

The top piece comes off easily…

chuggington wooden tracks over & under starter set

…to transform into the two tunnel layout!

Although the top of the clock tower comes off easily to change the layout of the track we never found that it falls off accidently during play. It’s cleverly designed so that it stays in place perfectly until the time that your child wants to move it.

The whole track is brilliant quality, with the Chuggington logo marked onto the wooden tracks and the detail and finish on the painted pieces like the clock tower and the engines is all really well finished and they are very nice, bright and appealing.

chuggington over & under starter set

The set engaged my boys really well (ages 2, 4 and 5) and I’m sure most children of this age group would enjoy this toy. A wooden train track is a timeless classic that seems to be a really popular favourite with most children and the addition of characters that they know and love just makes it more fun! My boys love to collect wooden trains so they were really happy to get so many different chuggington ones to add to their collection. The set comes with Wilson and Koko and more trains can be bought separately with so many different characters available (See the list of wooden Chugginton engines available here on the Tomy website)

The starter set will mix and match with any of the other wooden Chugginton sets available and also mixes well with other brands of wooden track if you have other sets at home. We have quite a variety of wooden tracks and this set is compatible with all of them.

Wooden trains sets are great for imaginary play, team work, story telling, problem solving and creativity when creating new track designs, and so much more.

If your little one is a fan of Chuggington then these sets are fantastic. If your kids are like mine, they’ll get hours of play out of it!

The Chuggington Over & Under starter set is available for £44.99 from the Tomy website and all good toy shops. 


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