Wishing for a Good Night’s Sleep

Like many parents with young children, our sleep is still quite disturbed at night due to our youngest. But even when you have babies or toddlers who still don’t sleep through the night, there are still steps you can take to try to get the best sleep that you can at night, despite the circumstances.

Firstly, a good quality bed and mattress is key.  There’s some great options out there from some big bed brands that will make a difference. Bed Guru Mattresses will make a huge difference to your sleep. I have been so glad of our purchase of a king sized bed since our toddler loves to sleep next to us in the bed, and having the king size means that even with our extra interloper we can still fit into the bed with plenty of space to move around and get comfy. A good mattress also helps reduce any aches and pains in the morning, especially for my husband who tends to complain of back aches if he sleeps in a bed without a good quality mattress. If you can’t stretch to a new mattress then even a new mattress topper can sometimes be a big help.

Reducing screen time before bed also helps a lot. I find it hard to tear myself away from my phone before bed, but when I’m able to switch off much earlier and spend some time reading a book before bed, or doing a calming screen free activity, then this does help to wind down my brain and get a better sleep. This is the same advice I give to my kids, but sometimes it’s harder to take your own advice for yourself!

Black out blinds make a big difference for my sleep. I can’t sleep well at all with light pollution seeping in, and recently I had to take extreme measures with this as even though we have black out blinds one of our neighbours has an awful outside light which seems to be motion activated, and shines into our bedroom with a ridiculous brightness at all hours of the morning. This light was creeping around the edges of our black out blind and making me crazy! So we had to think outside the box and add a small strip of foil around the edges of the window to finally eliminate the problem. You can also consider any flashing lights from Tvs, clocks or any other devices in the room as even those small lights can end up disturbing your sleep. Hemp oil sleep aid also helps to reduct anxiety, it helps calm racing thoughts and hyperactivty and consequently help you sleep. So you may consider adding that to the other ideas we shared in this post.

Also very important is to consider your mattress. A good mattress can make a huge difference in your sleep. Highly recommended, The BEST mattress to anybody suffering from back pain is the Air Foam Mattress from Nolah, that mattress also helps reduce any aches and pains in the morning, especially for my husband who tends to complain of back aches. If you can’t stretch to a new mattress then even a new mattress topper can sometimes be a big help.

Keeping a regular bedtime, and trying not to stay up too late helps a lot too. If you know that you may be woken up by little ones during the night, then getting that hour or two earlier by going to bed at a reasonable time can make all the difference. This definitely has me feeling much livelier in the morning, when I do manage to get myself up to bed early. This can be critical when you have early rising kids too.

But if all else fails – plenty of coffee in the morning!!

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