Blume Baby Pop

Blume Baby Pop is a brand new range from Blume Dolls, which is out today (Boxing Day) in Tesco Stores across the UK.

We have been enjoying playing with Blume Dolls recently, so N was so excited to try out these new toys. The Blume Baby Pop range has all of the fun elements and surprises of the Blume Dolls, but with a new twist – inside your sprouts, there are babies hiding along with cute accessories. How many babies will you get in each pack – will it be 3, 4 or 5?

When you open the packet, you’ll find a tray with five sprouts, each needs to be popped – which has a very satisfying sound! Inside each one you will either find a baby, or some accessories.

You will get a checklist to tick off which babies you have, and you also have several special costumes to collect (one included in the set) and each baby can have different expressions such as sleepy, poopy or winky which you can also check off the list.

When first popped, each baby is wearing a little swaddler. This can be removed, to reveal the baby in a nappy. Place your baby into cold water and wait a minute for the gender reveal! Babies nappies will turn either pink or blue for a girl or boy baby. We got four babies in our set and had 2 of each.

The gender reveal element is yet another fun surprise after the initial popping of the babies from their sprouts, and adds some fun water play to the toy. I was so surprised to find that under the sprouts one of the surprise accessories was a little ladder to turn the lid into a swimming pool for the babies to play in!

The lid is used for the water tray, to help reuse the packaging and make sure everything in the set has a purpose rather than generating waste. With all of the Blume Dolls and Blume Baby Pop products, the packaging is mostly used for play and they have been well designed to support this.

Underneath the sprouts, you pull out the tray to reveal a nursery play area, with a bed and other furniture and accessories for the babies.

You also find more accessories inside, and three little snuggle buddies. This is our favourite of the Snugglebuddies – the little squirrel.

You also get one baby shower gift inside the nursery play area. There are six different ones to collect, and we got the baby jumper, which is shaped like a flower.

As you can see, we also got this cute little costume. Others to collect include a bumble bee, or a unicorn.

The Blume Baby Pop set has so many little details and accessories to keep children busy, and using their imagination. N (3) really loved this set, and was so excited to play with it. When you’re finished playing, it can all be stored away very tidily within the set for next time.

Blume Baby Pop is available now in Tesco Stores.

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