Fun Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Thinking ahead to the new year, I’m already planning to focus more on my exercise and fitness. It’s not always easy finding dedicated time to hit the gym, so I’ve been wondering about some other fun options for exercise that could be enjoyed together as a family, and not feel too much like a chore.


Cycling or scooting are great ways to get some fresh air and activity together as a family, and it gives you a reason to explore new country parks and discover new places. My boys are hoping for new bikes, meanwhile my youngest prefers her tricycle, scooter or balance bike for now. I recently came across Folding Tricycles from Jorvik which offer a great alternative to a two wheeled bicycle if you’re not a confident cyclist (as I am not, as it’s been a while!) you can even get the Jorvik adult tricycle with a child carrier option, making them even better for family time.


Swimming is always a win-win for combining exercise and family fun, as my kids just love it! They don’t need a pool with slides or fancy features, as long as there is water they’re happy and will stay busy splashing around for hours, meanwhile I can get a few laps in myself.

Make Screen time Active Time

We really enjoy games such as Kinect Sport on the Xbox, which allow you to take part in virtual olympics sports in your living room or even take part in virtual bowling. These are a great way to turn your kids gaming time into family bonding time and keep it active too. We also enjoy the dancing console games with our Kinect such as Just Dance, so I’ve been meaning to check out any new options available in that category for us to try out together

Active Days Out

Choosing days out like the trampoline park or taking the kids to toddler gymnastics is a really fun way to keep the entire family fit and active, and is something that the whole family enjoys. I’ve also been planning to try out our local rock climbing places, which look like a lot of fun and even have unique options such as caving! Other fun active options for our days out would be ice skating, Go Ape, or even just going for a long walk in the countryside.

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