Win £250 to spend at Chessington World of Adventures with your #Sunfession

The Sun are currently running a promotion where you can get bargain tickets for lots of super days out at Merlin attractions, including Chessington World of Adventures, by signing up to Sun+ online. The first month is only £1 and the offer enables you to get tickets worth nearly £100 for under a tenner so is well worth having a look at!

To help celebrate this offer, last weekend we took the kids on a family day out to Chessington World of Adventures courtesy of the Sun. It’s been a while since we had been there, in fact the last time we went was pre-kids so it was great to take them along and see what they made of it.

My boys are all under 1.4 meters as they are aged 5 and under but there was still plenty for them to do at Chessington. They went on some of rides including the Scorpion Express which is new for 2014. They also enjoyed the Seastorm, the Black Bucaneers and the Tiny Truckers.

chessington world of adventure day out for the #sunfession promotion

 Even for my littlest boy Mr R, who is 2 and half, there was plenty to entertain him as he loves animals so the zoo and aquarium kept him happy and made a nice break from thrill seeking.

visiting the zoo and aquarium at chessington

 The Dragons Playhouse soft play area, and the Madagascar live show are also great entertainment for littler children who are visiting the park.

day out at chessington with the sun #sunfession

 The food in Chessington World of Adventures is pretty reasonable. We ate in the pizza and pasta buffet which is £5 per child and £10 per adult for whatever you want from the buffet, and as many drinks as you like.

The Sun also have a fun social campaign at the moment which I’m sure most of us can relate to, all about the hilariously awful things we have done to our kids.

My #sunfession is that I have tried girls clothes on to my kids as babies just to see how cute they would look! Sorry boys!!

To support the #Sunfession campaign, I also have £250 to give away to one lovely In The Playroom reader to spend at Chessington. All you need to do is log in to Twitter or Instagram account and retell a hilarious awful thing you have done to your kids.  Don’t forget to include #Sunfession AND #InThePlayroom. Hit tweet or post, and then visit the Sun site to see your #Sunfession appear:

Log your entry in the Rafflecopter below so that a winner can be selected randomly to keep it fair.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My competition will end on the 2nd May at midnight, and the winner will be contacted by email after that.  Good luck! Why not share your #sunfession with me here in the comments too, as I’d love to read them. 

If you are super keen, head over for more chances to win at:

3 Children and It 

We were provided with tickets and spending money to enable us to visit and review our day at Chessington

Win competitions at – Competitions and Freebies in the UK

22 thoughts on “Win £250 to spend at Chessington World of Adventures with your #Sunfession”

  1. We told my eldest daughter for ages that she did not like cakes or sweets, she believed us until she started school! It was great to keep her on a healthy diet and as I was never saying she could not have it I was never the baddy. Learnt trick from my sister who told me to give her extra strong mints – she spat them out and a strong coffee cake – she decided sweets and cake were horrid!

  2. Joined! We are always in the look out for free places when we can visit cuz money is a bit tight. Comps like this is nice actually. We usually talk about prizes like this and what we’ll do if we win just generally dreaming, imagining =) #pocolo
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…TalkMy Profile

  3. I tell my children that they will look like Grandad if they don’t brush their teeth! Dad has dentures and he takes them out to show them, it has the desired effect…they brush every day without fail! LOL

  4. I told my niece that Malteasers were “sheep droppings” so that she wouldn’t eat them – more for me! Slightly evil I know, but I’m actually taking her to Chessington in a few weeks (first time there for both of us!) so hopefully that makes up for it!

  5. i told my very young son that when he told lies his eyes changed colour – he would fib with his eyes tightly closed – bless him xxxxx

  6. We did the coin trick where you pretend to put a coin on their forehead but secretly take it away. They can’t feel that it’s not there. Then tell them to get it off they need to pat the back of their head and the longer it takes to fall off the cleverer they are. My son was there for ages!

    What a cruel mum I am!

  7. my 5 year old wanted to go the ghost train but we only had enough tokens for 1 person so he drove me mad to go on alone……..BIG MISTAKE…he was petrified when he came off!! worst mum of the year goes to me!!!

  8. #sunfession one afternoon I was feeling so tired and my son wanted to play the Wii and I told him that he would need to wait until Daddy came in as I didn’t know how to use it.


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