Why Building A Strong Support Structure From The Start Is Important For Your Business

Being a stay at home mom is a multi-job all on its own. But, unfortunately, in the current economic state, we find ourselves in, even stay at home moms need to do something more than what their current ‘job description’ is to contribute financially to the household. And in many cases, working moms also have to juggle an extra side business for an extra cushion (or even necessary) financially. So, if you are moving down the road of starting your own business, here are a few integral parts that need to be outsourced.


Why Do You Need To Outsource?

You might be a jack-of-all-trades with your kids and home, but even with your primary job, you do get professional help with emergencies. These include electricians, cable companies and plumbers. The same instinct that drives you to pick up the phone and call for help applies to your business. 

It’s What They Do Best

These professionals are laser-focused on the tasks you give them. Their top priority is to provide you with the best service with the best outcome. And also it’s their job. They will not be in the profession if they are not passionate about what they do. 

Build Strong Relationships And Trust

Another reason is that you need to build a successful support structure you can trust from the beginning. Yes, you might think that your business is still small, and you can handle it all. But that will not last. Depending on your success rate, your business will grow quicker than you think, and before long, you will be begging for help. At that stage, how will you schedule time in your already hectic schedule to research and interview possible outsourcing companies for the perfect fit for your company? Doing it from the get go will not only save you time but, together with the outsourcing companies, build a strong relationship and trust. Because they were there from the start and knew the struggles and successes, you and your business faced. 

Establish What You Will Do In The Business

First, you need to establish your primary part in the business, except for being the owner. What do you bring to the business? Are you the creator? Or are you the marketer if you already have products to sell which you didn’t make? When you get that figured out, start jotting down the other puzzle pieces needed to complete your business picture. If you really feel that some of these jobs you can handle, then assign them to yourself. But be mindful. Think of it long term. Will you be able to still have time to do those jobs in 6 months to a year later? If you are doubtful, move them into the outsource column. The next step is to start looking for companies to fill the open jobs. Yes, it’s going to be a bit draining, but make it fun. Think of it like if picking your family was ever an option. Now is your opportunity. 

What Jobs Do You Outsource?

This all depends on what type of business you have. Many of the jobs are standard across all business streams, like a bookkeeper and lawyers (yes, you need them, especially if there are supplier contracts involved). But some of them differ depending on what you are selling or services you want to render. For example, are you going local, national or international? If international is your end goal, even if it’s part of your five-year plan, make sure that the companies you take-on on your business venture can facilitate international levels and standards. Do they know the laws of other countries? If possible, make sure that they can provide you with a list of countries they already have dealings with, and see if these countries are the same as what you have in mind. For instance, if you only trade in winter clothes, a company that deals primarily in warm to desert regions will not necessarily help your business flourish. 


Your first port of call is establishing connections with reputable suppliers. For instance, if your business is based on fantastic baked goods from secret family recipes, your whole product’s ingredients must be outsourced. If you are an advocate in supporting local businesses, you can still do so. But be smart. Go to your local farmers and have a meeting with them. Tell them your vision and set a business proposal. If you buy x amount of eggs a week, you will pay this amount. But when you grow and have to order more than usual, would they consider that you pay y amount of money? Maybe work on a sliding scale? But if you are selling finished products, like you have an online shop, don’t sign-up to the first available supplier. Get at least 5 different quotations from suppliers. And do your research! Going for the cheapest option will bite you later, but don’t go for the most expensive option either. Greedy sharks are not only found in the ocean. 

Cyber Help

Let’s face it, cyberspace is one scary hydra, but you don’t need to face it alone. Each head of the beast, you can outsource to companies. Starting with our website hosting. The cloud is great and all, but it can’t handle the traffic and information that needs to be saved as your business grows. You can research many companies, like hosting.co.uk, that can provide you with the service at a cost that will fit your budget. If marketing isn’t your forte, get in touch with a digital marketing company that will help you build your brand and trust. Some digital marketing companies have more divisions within their umbrella that can help you further, like product branding. 

Many of the jobs you need filling might seem like a good idea to have friends and family help but think carefully. It will always be smooth sailing. But, can your relationship survive with them? As you will soon realise, difficult decisions are not personal. It’s business. It’s about what will benefit your business more and make it grow. 


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