Why Are Mercedes Cars So Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why Mercedes, especially the latest ones, costs so much? Check out the article to find out what makes the price so high.

Why Are Mercedes Cars So Expensive?

We all know about Mercedes, right? German high-quality vehicles, a benchmark of quality for all automotive industry, famous three-pointed star in a circle. Everything about this car brand almost screams “luxury” and “aesthetics.” These cars are famous not only in Europe where they originated from but all around the world. Thus, there is no wonder in 2021, Mercedes Benz sold approximately two million of its passenger cars and vans.

Even with sales numbers like that, a lot of people still find this car brand way too expensive. The prices for a top-notch Mercedes can easily reach several million dollars. But what exactly are we paying for? How is Mercedes different from other car brands that make similar vehicles but charge less? Read this article to find this out.

Reason #1: Top-notch quality

Mercedes is highly famous for the quality of its cars. It works for both old and new models. We bet you know someone who drives 15 or 20 years old Mercedes vehicles and feels just fine. These cars last long due to the experience and expertise of those who work on them (and if a car is treated properly, of course). Besides, Mercedes uses only top-notch parts for its rides. It also contributes to the above-average prices.

If you are not sure if Mercedes meets your quality requirements, you can always rent one. It will help you see if you are comfortable inside the vehicle and on the road. To maximize the experience, you can do it in some exotic location. For example, rent Mercedes Dubai as rentals here offer great cars for hire and you’ll be able to make a test drive around the urban sites of the UAE. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

Reason #2: High-tech innovations

Hardware is not the only good part of Mercedes. Technologies are also a big part of its success. There are plenty of innovations that appeared in Mercedes cars first and then other manufacturers copied them. A good example of such high-tech is a fully independent suspension that makes drives safer. There are more to add to the list, but you get the point: Mercedes is the hub for innovations.

Reason #3: Safety first

The concept of safety is something that any automotive manufacturer should take into account and Mercedes is a top player here. The number of safety precautions in the latest vehicles is immense. There are pre-tensioners for tightening seat belts, many superb safety bags around the car, and smart headrests preventing your neck from whiplash fractures during the accident. Besides, cars themselves are heavy enough to be more stable during the ride.

The development of safety technologies is only evolving. So when you are behind the wheel of a Mercedes, you can be sure that you and your passengers will be safe if something happens on the road (but please don’t forget to buckle your seat belt).

Reason #4: Brand name

Well, this point goes without question. We can say that Mercedes Bens started its history in 1886 with the patent for the internal combustion engine made by Karl Benz. However, the company itself was founded in 1926. During almost a hundred years of history, the company had some good and bad periods (even very bad), but it ended up as one of the most trustworthy car brands in the world. Mercedes is now a synonym for quality, so now the brand name plays in favor of higher prices.

Reason #5: Maintenance costs

This point is not directly related to the initial price, but it will affect your budget in the long run. Since the company uses only first-rate details and parts, the maintenance of the car becomes costly.

Summing it all up

Yes, Mercedes Benz is not for everyone. All the reasons we mentioned above make these vehicles not only extremely comfortable to drive but also extremely expensive. If you decide to make such an investment, you should think about all the pros and cons of owning a luxury car, consider your budget, and have a test drive to see if this car is really what you want. When everything is covered, go for it and enjoy your ride.

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