Could Women’s Boxer Shorts Keep You Cool This Summer?

Easter is behind us, the baby lambs in the field are pretty big, and Pimms are suddenly being advertised on pub chalkboards up and down the country. It can only mean one thing; Summer is almost here! 

Whether you are hoping for a heatwave at home or have grand plans to jet off to someplace with guaranteed sun, keeping things cool down below should be high on your priority list.

Why is it important?

Your vagina and vulva are awesome; strong and multi-talented, it’s important to keep them happy. A summer of sweating and sticking is a sure-fire way to go from feeling goddess-like to got-to-get-to-a-bathroom.

Science has gone back and forth on whether you should or should not wear underwear to bed so let’s hop on that science to frame our discussion on wearing cool undies this summer. 

While some science is subjective, e.g. is marmite delicious or disgusting, the most recent thinking on the knickers at night debate is that it’s not ideal for your lady bits. By preventing airflow, you can throw off the balance of your vagina, plus the extra sweat can cause chafing, sweat itch and even acne in and around your vulva. 

Short of going commando this summer, what can you do to help all parts of your body enjoy the summer sun? Easy answer- get creative with your underwear choices and stay cool down below with a pair of boxers this summer.

Are women’s boxers even a thing

Yes, yes, they are!

 Men have long sung the praises of boxers to keep things under wraps and at the optimum temperature, so why should they keep them to themselves. 

The wide waistband is a major selling point for me. I don’t know about you, but I hate how a thin elastic waistband can end up burrowing its way into my side after a long and sweaty day. The comfort of that wide waistband and its ability to not leave nasty red marks on my skin is an absolute winner!

More fabric, more faff?

It probably seems counterintuitive to recommend underwear with more material rather than something like Brazilian underwear or a thong. If you are not a fan of having a permanent wedgie while out frolicking in the sun, then bear in mind it is not about how much you have, but what sort.

Not all underwear material is created equal. Some fabrics will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy, and some will smother you quicker than a Greggs plastic bag caught in the wind.

Cotton is your friend; it is the original moisture wicking technology. Light, breathable and able to whisk moisture away from your skin, it’s the ideal material, especially if you are particularly susceptible to yeast infections. 

Cotton is perfect for most summer eventualities, but if you are a sporty gal, cotton pants may just not cut it when you are cycling miles, climbing cliffs or outrunning ninjas on the rooftops of Marrakech (some of us have more interesting summer plans than others apparently).

If you need something to not just whisk away moisture but make it disappear without lingering at all, then be on the lookout for women’s boxer shorts made from breathable but fast-drying material. Pair this with a cotton or bamboo gusset, and you have a match made in breathable and itch-free heaven.  

Chub rub

Boxer shorts don’t just have the wide waistband going for them. The longer legs are an absolute godsend if you want to wear dresses and skirts this summer, but your thighs often get a little too cosy with one another. 

There is nothing quite like the awful feeling of sweaty thighs chafing up against each other; boxers will soon put an end to that.

If you are an adventurous soul, wearing a pair of longer-length boxers or boy’s cut ones is the perfect way to climb over fences, cartwheel or even strip off for an impromptu swim without mooning any lucky bystanders. 

Take it all off

Of course, boxer shorts are not your only option for keeping cool this summer. If clever science boffins have decided that going commando at night is healthier, shouldn’t it follow that the best solution would be to keep things free and flowing all summer long?

I’ve got two words for you- sandy beaches.

Do you think sand in your sandwiches is bad? Wait till that sand gets elsewhere. Some brave souls make going au natural look easy, and my hats (and pants) are off to them. It’s not for me however, I like a bit of coverage and a way to avoid the chub rub mentioned above. 

A Summery wrap up

In summary, summer (see what I did there) doesn’t need to be a cause for concern for your magnificent vulva and vagina. Give them their very own summer outfits with a pair of boxer shorts that will keep you and them happy and sweet all summer long. 

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