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By Luciana Oliveira

Throughout the past year, online shopping in the UK has exploded, and there’s nothing like retail therapy to give us the relief we need. There are still a few products that consumers prefer to shop for on the high street, and fashionable glasses are one of them. With the shift of consumer purchasing habits to affordable, high-quality products online; e-commerce retailers are looking for ways to offer quality eyewear products at attractive prices.

Lucky for us, buying glasses online is now easier than ever, with a fantastic range of designer frames available in all shapes and styles from online retailers. If you’re thinking of buying fashionable glasses online for yourself or for a loved one, SmartBuyGlasses is a leading online eyewear retailer, offering high-quality designer glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices – without compromising on quality.  


The online store is easy to browse, and home to a variety of charming designer glasses and sunglasses styles like wayfarer glasses, oversized spectacles, classic cat-eyes, perfect pilots and retro round frames. The company is proud to offer stylish eyewear pieces to help you upgrade your eyewear wardrobe for less. You can buy cheap glasses online from SmartBuyGlasses, with frames starting from as little as £6. Offering a value collection alongside high-end designer frames, the eyewear retailer has something suitable for everyone, including glasses for women, men and your little ones! They house a wide range of blue light blocking glasses too, perfect for those who use a digital screen every day. 

Find glasses that suit you best!

If you need eyeglasses, the good news is that you can now purchase them online; but how can you make sure you’re choosing correctly? 

There are numerous varieties of glasses frames available in online marketplaces and the demand for cheap glasses is increasing as styles and fashion trends change throughout the seasons. Shopping online for glasses can feel a little overwhelming with all the styles to choose from, and you may be nervous to purchase through an online store, as opposed to visiting your local opticians. 


When buying glasses online, making sure your glasses suit your personality is key, but they also need to suit your face shape. To get the most out of your eyewear purchase, you need to assess your face shape, and online retailers will offer useful style guides to identify your face shape, including recommendations for styles that will suit you best. 


Better yet, buying glasses is now even easier, with the latest technology from SmartBuyGlasses. Their cutting-edge virtual try-on feature allows users to virtually try on sunglasses online. The VTO tool is a fun and adventurous approach to shopping online, users just need to record a short selfie video, of which will be used to superimpose sunglasses frames on. It’s just like using an online mirror! 


When looking for glasses online, you’re likely to be offered a range of premium lenses options at checkout. For instance, you can choose transitional lenses which include light-adapting technology, making it easier to go from indoors to outdoors. Some lenses are designer to offer additional eye protection from UV rays, whilst blue light block lenses are the latest solution to protect your eyes from the harmful rays emitted from our device screens.

Buying prescription glasses online

Once you have chosen your favourite glasses frame and lenses, you can submit your prescription information and online optical experts will do the rest, creating your personalised glasses frames. If you’re not sure of how to choose your lenses or frame width, there are sites selling glasses online where you can chat with online opticians who can guide you through the process.

SmartBuyGlasses – welcome to eyewear made easy!

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