Is A DevOps Certification Right For Your Career?

DevOps is a set of software development solutions that comes with the integrated development and operations of information technology.

It’s not an easy task for DevOps experts to expertise their skills, and also that’s not always a straightforward undertaking. Training in DevOps and getting a certificate is the only way for employees and job candidates to validate and execute their skill set and compete effectively with the others competing for the same positions.

Here, we provide a complete guide on DevOps certifications and top DevOps foundation training that are currently in demand.

What is a DevOps certification?

A DevOps certification is a short designation that shows specific skill or expertise in the subject matter and related competencies to become an effective DevOps practitioner. In short, a person who receives a DevOps certification has shown themselves to have the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the technical aspects of operating a large-scale organization as well as having sufficient expertise in implementing quality controls and making systems more efficient. Generally speaking, you can typically receive these various certifications after any combination of:

There are many different IT certifications offered in the field of DevOps engineering. In general, however, one of the top certifications offered is the 5E certification. This certification classifies an individual to have an advanced level of knowledge in all areas of the field of DevOps, including configuration management, configuration execution, code upgrading, dynamic deployment, service discovery, service improvement, and performance tuning.

To gain this certification, an individual must pass a comprehensive five-hour exam that covers every subject area. In addition to the five-hour exam, individuals must complete a two-week hands-on practice lab to certify themselves as full-fledged DevOps engineers.

Another of the top IT certifications offered by AWS is the 5V certification. This certification classifies individuals to understand terraform integration with AWS’s architecture and tools. To gain this certification, an individual must complete a two-week hands-on practice lab.

The subject matter covered in the study lab will cover both the practical implementation of AWS’s software infrastructure and the implementation of the open-source community’s version of terraform.

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What are the significant benefits of DevOps Certification?

Enhanced Skills

By having this training, you can teach your employees how to make the most of every aspect of the server operating system. It might include ensuring that the hardware they are using has all of the ports taken care of and there is enough bandwidth for the website or applications running on it. By knowing how to fix these small details, the employees can improve their performance and efficiency. It leads to a happier and more productive business owner.

Motivation Within The Business

Even though there are many benefits of having DevOps certification for employees, not just monetary ones, it can provide an excellent level of motivation within the business because they know that their job performance will be examined regularly. If something is not working right, it can provide a valid justification as to why they might be performing below par.

More Involvement 

One of the main benefits of having DevOps certification for employees is having more involvement in the day-to-day running of the business. The employee will feel like they are taking a very active role within their business operations.

They might be able to contribute ideas or even act as an interim leader if the need arose. The employee might also enjoy the ability to be a more valued part of the business and might even receive raises and promotions at some point down the line.

Comprehensive Knowledge

When you consider the training, benefits of having it, and the actual experience that employees get from this type of training, it helps explain its importance on companies. There might be specific fields that an employee would not want to learn about, but with this training, they can have a more comprehensive knowledge of those areas.

Learning everything that there is to know about this training can benefit employees, businesses, and even the environment. It might help them perform better or even be more knowledgeable than someone who is not certified in this area. It might also help them have a more pleasing personality, which might be needed in some different types of businesses. 

Secured Jobs and High salaries

There is no need for business owners to worry about these things, especially if they have a DevOps certification. This certification can help secure jobs with higher salaries because the demand for effective system administrators is very high.

A DevOps professional is also able to learn more about the IT systems used by different companies. The certification exam requires much hands-on training, so it is advised that someone who is planning to take the exam enrolls for training to prepare for the exam well.

With the help of online training materials and tutorials, anyone can prepare for the certification exam and get the certification as soon as possible. The certification exam can be taken anytime, anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.


The benefits of a DevOps certification are evident. Companies will have a greater understanding of how to maintain their business operations. Employees will be able to identify and resolve system problems quickly.

Since the cost of IT maintenance is very high, getting this certification can save a business lot of money in the future. You can find many IT recruitment agencies in your area to help you prepare for the certification exam.

To Sum Up

If you are a DevOps trained professional or seeking to have a DevOps certification to implement these solutions and techniques to enhance quality and cost reduction, you will undoubtedly play a tremendous role and will be a great asset for the company.

So, why wait? Take up the course and get DevOps certification now to make yourself a sought-after DevOps professional.

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