What Does Baby Want? A Book about Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most important things in many babies lives, yet until now I’ve never seen it featured in a children’s books. What Does Baby Want? is a new book board published by Phaidon that features breastfeeding in a simple and relatable way, with a short story for young babies to enjoy. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a book like this before now – it’s definitely time to start normalising breastfeeding in our society, and books like this can only help to get that message across, starting with young children.

What Does Baby Want? is created by Japan’s top design duo, Tupera Tupera, and uses the round shape of the pages in a playful way to feature all kinds of round pictures.

This thoughtfully worded and refreshingly honest board book portrays a scenario that’s as relatable as playtime, bath time or bedtime, yet hardly ever portrayed in children’s literature. What Does Baby Want? tells the story of a hungry baby who will not be soothed by a teddy bear, a ball, or even a shiny tambourine. Ultimately, the mum realises that her child will only be satisfied by one thing: milk!

As bottle feeding is depicted often in children’s books, this makes a nice change and would be good for toddler siblings of new babies too. I’ve been reading the book with Baby N, who’s 6 months now. She enjoys simple board books, and the content of this book is a scenario she would go through most days as she always needs to feed to sleep.

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