New Persil Powergems Review

Persil have launched a new format of laundry detergent with triple power; Persil Powergems. For the past few years, I’ve been washing all of our clothes with capsule style of laundry detergent, so I was wondered whether the new Powergems would win me over with their convenience or results, and I was interested to give them a go!

With three boys who are football mad, and often come home filthy after playing in the park, and a baby who’s just getting started with weaning, we definitely need a laundry detergent that is powerful enough to handle stains well, and keeps clothes looking good wash after wash.

My boys have certain clothes that they love and want to wear constantly (their football kits!) so I need our laundry detergent to care for the clothes well, keeping their colour from fading.

I always have a lot of washing to get through, so I prefer laundry detergents that are quick and easy to use. I haven’t used actual washing powder and separate fabric conditioner for years! Persil Powergems is a new format, and just like the capsules that I’m used to using it is very simple with everything in one product.

To use the Persil Powergems, you pour them out into the outer lid of the packaging, which is then placed inside your machine. The powergems are small confetti style bits of detergent that will disperse throughout the whole wash.

The plus that I’ve found with these over the capsule style is that you do have more control over the amount you use. So if washing a really small load, you could fill up to the half way line and for a full or heavily soiled load fill to the top.

The packaging is also really compact, which is ideal if you don’t have much space to store larger detergent boxes or packages. It’s also less bulky to carry home from the shops. The pack we tried is a 12 wash pack (RRP 5.00) but you can also get the slightly larger 19 (RRP 8.00) or 30 wash packs (RRP 11.00) if preferred. All sizes are available in Bio and Non-Bio.

One of the main differences I did notice in performance with the Powergems and my usual detergents is the fragrance. One of the triple action features with the Powergems is freshness, and the clothes definitely came out with a more noticeable fresh fragrance than we’re used to. Persil Bio Powergems uses fragrance release technology to provide this effect, allowing the fragrance to stay on the fabric for longer.

Persil Powergems are out now, so keep a look out for them in the supermarket!

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  1. We’ve found much the same with our review of Powergems this week; such a powerful product, and yet really gentle on the clothes themselves. I’ll buy them again.


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