Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou! is a new book from Julia Donaldson. Like many households with young children, Julia Donaldson is a firm favourite in our home so whenever she has a new book out, we are always eager to read it!wake-up-do-lydia-lou

This book is all about a little girl Lydia Lou, who is fast asleep when a ghost comes along and makes it his mission to wake her up. He finds it hard so one by one he enlists the help of other animals and characters and they all make their noises to see if they can wake her up.

I felt this book is aimed at slightly younger than some of Julia Donaldson’s other recent story books (for example The Highway Rat or The Singing Mermaid.) It is quite simple and with lots of repetition so it was best for my younger children (almost 2 years, and 3.5 years.)

It includes loads of animal noises and rhyming, so is great for getting the little ones involved and joining in. Different fonts and sizes are used for these words to help make them stand out on the page.

lydialouThe illustrations are by Karen George and they are really appealing and nicely done, with lots of colour and texture. I love Lydia Lou’s curly hair!

Overall, it is another lovely book to add to Julia Donaldson’s collection. It is perfect for age around 2-4 years old and makes a great bedtime story.

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  1. I think my 3 1/2 year old would love this. She’s suddenly turned into a huge Julia Donaldson fan and as books are my one weakness, I can’t help but keep buying her new ones.


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