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As it’s been such nice weather recently we have been out in the garden a lot. We have an overgrown section at the back and the boys noticed that some garden berries and apples had started growing.
Love garden berries and apples

They really enjoyed exploring here and picking some of the apples. They are still very small and need to grow much more before they will be good to eat, so I had to make sure they left some on the tree so they can still grow!!

picking fruits in the garden, berries and apples

In our old house we had blackberries growing in the garden which they loved picking and eating. I’m not sure exactly what the berries here will be, there are some small round black ones and some small round red ones. I couldn’t let them eat anything as I’m not sure! So I let them pick and them put them back down on the floor so that birds can come and eat them if they want.

apple tree summer garden fun
I quite like this photo of the little apples – experimenting with the macro 😀

Garden Berries and Apples Picnic
After picking some of the little apples they could play picnic with them by putting them in the play table. It’s nice to see them enjoying such a simple thing and being so excited by what they discover growing in the garden!

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11 thoughts on “Garden Berries and Apples – #CountryKids”

  1. Sounds great! We have been growing a couple of things this year and Little Mr A gets so excited. I think it’s great for kids to see how things grow and where they come from and it looks like your boys had a great time exploring.

  2. My Kids love picking there own berries, sometimes can be hard knowing which ones are safe though, probably best to go to a actual pick your own place for us.

  3. We have apples growing too and I’m constantly asking my son not to pick them otherwise there’ll be none left to eat! I wonder if you might be lucky and have red currants and blackcurrants maybe? I have red currant bushes but they’ve yet to produce fruit sadly. I’m no expert mind you!

    • hmm yes maybe could be red currants and black currants. I feel like I should know really!! Maybe I better google for pictures and compare!!


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