Baby on the way? Here’s a checklist for the nursery essentials you’ll need

Congratulations on your new baby! There are so many things to think about when it comes to preparing your home, and we’ve collected a list of what we think is top priority. The following items are our top picks to bring home before the baby arrives:

The Crib

A crib is super important so that your baby has a safe place to lay their little head down to dream. There are many different kinds of baby cribs available, so take a look at the space you have in your home. We think it is a good idea to invest in a crib that might convert into a daybed once the baby grows, however, there are plenty of other options to suit your needs.

You’ll also need a crib mattress to support your baby’s body. There may not be as many options for a baby’s mattress as there are adult mattresses, but it is important to explore all options. You’ll feel so good about bringing your little one home to the special bed you picked out just for baby!

Choosing a crib mattress to help your baby develop good sleeping habits and enjoy a night of deep, relaxing sleep. Look for a mattress that’s breathable with constant airflow, which is essential for cool comfort and safety when tummy sleeping. 

If you choose a memory foam mattress, ensure the padding is comfortable but not too much to the point that it obstructs blood flow. Also, it’s essential to find a mattress with a removable cover, otherwise cleaning up after frequent messes will be a major frustration.

Changing Table

Changing tables are another baby room necessity. They make diaper changes a breeze by putting everything you need all in one place, and they’re easy to clean the surface when you have to deal with inevitable spills.

If you bring your baby to this table every time you change a diaper, you’ll help the baby learn confidence with a familiar routine. It also serves as a place to store baby powder, stacks of diapers, baby lotion, and a few simple clothes like onesies and baby tees in case of any diaper changing accidents. If you put baby wipes on the outside of the changing table, it will be super easy to just walk by and snag a few wipes in the event that the baby needs a quick clean up.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair for the baby room is another must-have. Along with supporting the baby’s routine, it provides a place of comfort for both parent and child. 

There are a number of different types of rocking chairs to choose from. Some parents like the classic wooden rocking chair, while others appreciate softer fabric chairs with additional padding. Style is important, but comfort is king here, so be sure to try out a few chairs before you purchase one.

Nursery Decorations

Designing your baby’s room should be a fun experience — just don’t go overboard and over-design the space. There are many resources online to inspire your design decisions, so take some time to research what kind of environment you want to create for your baby. You might find that choosing a theme that is already put together will be a good idea.

We also recommend that you try to get the essentials in the room and utilize a clean, simple look. After you have everything you need, select a few statement pieces for the room or a main focal point so that the baby will feel calm and relaxed in an environment that feels balanced. Have fun with this time and enjoy becoming inspired by what other parents have done in pictures available online.

Your little one will need something to wear that is safe, comfortable and sleep supportive.  In the first months of babies’ lives, sleep is extremely important for their development and well being.
Choosing the right swaddle is crucial to guarantee the sleep quality your baby deserves and reduces sleeping issues. We recommend the zippy-swaddle, easy to use, and thanks to the zipper at the bottom, you’ll have easy access, making the diaper changes much easier! Thanks to the comfort offered, they prevent the baby from waking up too often. 


Bringing a baby home is the greatest feeling in the world! If you’ll take the time to gather what your baby will need to feel safe and sound at home, your transition into parenthood will be very rewarding. 

Remember to have fun picking out these items and that you are investing in purchases that will last for years to come. Thank you so much for letting us point you in the right direction, best wishes to you and your new baby!


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