Ultimate Driving Playlist

MoneySuperMarket are running another competition, and they want to hear all about our Ultimate Driving Playlists!

In a few weeks we will be going on a camping trip to Wales, which will be one of the longer drives we have done so far – so we will definitely be wanting to get a good playlist sorted!

Normally when driving around locally, we stick to either KissFm or Capital but we do find when we get out of London and lose our range for these stations, we really start to lack some good songs. I really don’t like to have to resort to stations like Radio 1 as they chat so much crap in between playing any songs and I find it really gets on my nerves! (Not that I even like a lot of the songs they play anyway!) So this time we are thinking of going prepared and getting some decent songs downloaded to help us out once we are out of our comfort zone of the familiar local stations.

Music-wise I tend to stick to either new songs which are out that I enjoy, or go for some old school R&B. We also love some relaxing instrumental beats to keep the children entertained and to give the parents a break from all the kids songs.

From the artists out at the moment, my #1 favourite would probably be Bruno Mars – I seem to love every song he brings out so we will start off the Playlist with Bruno Mars – Treasure

Next up is another song that’s quite recent. I have been listening to it loads and my husband is sick of it by now but I still love it so I will include – Justin Timberlake Mirrors

Next, I will go for a song which is a bit cheesy but catchy! Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble. These kind of songs are good for singing along in the car which definitely keeps you awake on your journey. (& I dedicate this choice to my sister 😉 <3)

Next, I will go a bit older and include some TLC. I have always been a big TLC fan so I can’t miss them out of my playlist, and No Scrubs is a great driving song.

As they are my fave, TLC get two songs so I will include Diggin on You cos it is a great summer song

I am including a newer song from T-Boz too, cos it is great and uplifting – Champion.

I have to think of the other passengers too of course! So my next choice will be for my husband Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines. I do like it too. I’m embedding his Graham Norton performance rather than the actual video though, cos I don’t like the video – It’s a bit tooo much (but I do love Graham! :D)

My final choice will be for Mr Z, as this is his favourite song to listen to in the car. Will. I. Am and Britney Scream and Shout

I could go on and on adding songs, and I will do for our real playlist as we need to cover quite a few hours! But I think this is enough to give you a taster.

What do you think? Do you agree with my song choices or is it not your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments!

And why put effort into thinking about your playlist in the first place? THINK! research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep or tiredness related. Long journeys on motorways can lead to a lack of concentration and, as well as other preventative measures, listening to songs you love can be a great way to stay alert and focused on the road.

So stay safe, stay awake, and stay happy singing along to your favourite songs! Can’t really have a better reason than that.

Disclaimer: MoneySuperMarket have provided us with some monetary incentives for taking part in the competition


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