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Dino Bite is an exciting game from Drumond Park aimed at ages 4+. This is perfect for my just turned 5 year old. He has been studying dinosaurs in school this year and loves the chance to have some one to one time with Mum playing games.

As soon as he saw box he was really keen to play it and he straight away said that he liked the look of it.

dino bite game collageThe game includes a T-Rex which attaches to the Dino nest base, where there is a leaf attached, and 20 baby dinosaur eggs hiding underneath. The aim of the game is to sneak out the most eggs without the T-Rex noticing. The Dino babies come in 4 colours and there is a dice to roll to see which colour egg you need to take out.

There is a pair of tweezers included but the rules mention that younger children may find it easier to use their fingers – which Mr Z chose to do. I did use the tweezers (obviously as a grown up I can not get away with going with the easy option!) and I can see how they are slightly tricky for some young children. If they can manage to use it, it will be good for strengthening the muscles in their fingers which helps develop the fine motor controls for pencil grip, which can improve the neatness of handwriting. So once Mr Z has had a bit more practise at the game, I will start hinting for him to have another go with the tweezers!

If you do accidentally alert the T-Rex to your presence, he leaps forward with a loud ROAAARRR! I will admit, when I see a game needs batteries sometimes I do have a little grumble to myself as I go off to find some. BUT the effects on this dinosaur add so much extra excitement to the game that I think its definitely worth it and anyway the batteries should last for a pretty long time. The sound effects and movement of the dinosaur make it stand out from other games and Mr Z really enjoyed it. The game plays some background dinosaur-ish atmospheric sounds throughout, and then the extra sound and movement comes in when the dinosaur is alerted. Have a look at this short video, then you can hear it for your self

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165 thoughts on “Dino Bite Review and Giveaway”

  1. My 5 year old son is crazy about dinosaurs! His favourite changes a lot, but at the moment he is keen on his Parasaurolophus!

  2. My son’s favourites are the stegosaurous, the brachiosaurous, and the triceratops. I’m not sure if it’s the right spelling. My son’s obsessed with dinosaurs. It would be great to win this game as this is one of the games on his xmas wish list this year and is perfect for his age range. Thanks for the chance to win this and great giveaway πŸ™‚ x

  3. My oldest loves the T-Rex and my youngest boy loves Triceratops. My daughter doesnt like dinosaurs, they scare her, lol.

  4. Today we have been watching Jurassic park, my son has autism and Dinosaurs is one of his things! He would love this. I have just asked him and he said “T Rex, the meanest dino in all the land” πŸ™‚


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