Turtlemeter – Baby Bath Toy and Thermometer

We have previously tried out a couple of kitchen items from Ozeri which I loved (glasses and wok) so I thought I would branch out and try something different – Turtlemeter the baby bath toy and thermometer.
bathturtleThe Turtlemeter is great! I love it just as much as the other Ozeri products we have tried. It is a lovely chunky turtle bath toy with a temperature display in the middle. This gives a digital display of the exact temperature of the bath (in Farenheit, as it is American – but this is not really a problem for me) it also glows so that the correct temperature is easy to spot at a glance and is unmistakeable! The display glows blue for too cold, red for too hot and green for just right – which is just as you would expect and not easy to misunderstand.

The turtle takes 3AAA batteries which are included, and it is safe to completely submerge the turtle under water. It reads and updates the temperature every 1 second and activates automatically when placed into water.

I really do love the turtle, especially as it is so easy to read so it can help Mr Z age 5 with running a bath to the right temperature. That way he does not have to rely on me to do it all for him. Of course I will check it for him but at his age it’s good to start developing some independence skills and this turtle makes it very easy and very fun for him.

All the children loved seeing the glowing light of the turtle change colour and it is a great toy for them to play with in the bath which makes it great value as it is 2 in 1. The turtle is very cute and chunky and is suitable for even babies to play with. It’s an excellent product as it will last for years, from those newborn days when you want to be very careful about the temperature of the bath, up until 5 years+ when the child is running the bath for themselves – with loads of years of play in between too!

I have had other bath thermometers in the past but I have gone for some cheaper ones and they never lasted well or felt like they were very well made, whereas the quality is clear with the Turtlemeter. At only £9.99 it’s really reasonable for a product that will be so well used.

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  1. Will be investing in a couple of these for my daughter and daughter in law as they are both expecting their first babies


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