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Over the Summer Mr Z has been busy taking loads of pictures to take part in the Travel Supermarket “Kids Capture the Colour” challenge. He was so happy to be sent a camera and have the responsibility of taking his own pictures, it really added extra enjoyment to all his days out. He had taken some great pictures and I have been really impressed with how much thought he put into them – but with typical bad luck now that I’m coming to choose his pictures and write the post, I find he has mislaid his camera somewhere in the play room so he has had to take a new set on my camera! Unfortunately that means instead of pictures of castles, sea and summer holidays he has only got pictures of the back garden!! Never the less there are still colours to be discovered in the garden and these are Mr Z’s pictures:


IMG_9562A portrait of Mr T in a red coat – and a bit of the red tunnel in the background for an extra touch of red!


IMG_9564This is supposed to be blue! But really should be labelled grey, as taken in October the sky really looks a lot more grey. Mr Z did really enjoy taking pictures of the sky though!



The blackberry bush in our garden, quite overgrown but very beloved to Mr Z – he loves to pick and eat the blackberries whenever he gets the chance. A totally green picture!



Mr Z had a bit of trouble finding something yellow to choose for his photo, then he noticed the tunnel with a stripe of yellow. He leaned in closely to make sure his picture truly was very yellow!



This one was taken inside in the Playroom, Mr Z found an area with some white toy boxes to focus on, along with the white shelves and wall.

Thanks to Travel Supermarket for the chance, and we have really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s pictures too 🙂

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