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These days I’m loving my Fitbit, and couldn’t be without it! I bought a basic Fitbit Charge a couple of months back and really got into the habit of keeping track of my steps each day, to make sure that I’m active enough. Now, Currys PC World have sent me the new Fitbit Blaze which is a smart watch and has a lot more features, and I love my new Fitbit even more!

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The Fitbit Blaze features include PurePulse™ Heart Rate, Connected GPS, On-Screen Workouts, Colour Touchscreen, Multi-Sport Call, Text & Calendar Alerts, All-Day Activity & Sleep and Music Control.

I also find that the battery life lasts longer on my Fitbit Blaze, it easily lasts 7 days or slightly longer, which is pretty impressive! To charge the Fitbit Blaze, you remove the square screen piece and insert it into the charging dock. Since you can separate it from the strap in this way, it also makes it easy to change the straps of the Fitbit Blaze if you want to change the look and wear it with different outfits. I am planning to buy a couple of different straps for my Fitbit to make it more versatile, although the black strap that it comes with is very comfortable to wear and does the job well.

fitbit blaze

On the Fitbit Blaze screen, you can easily scroll through your days numbers – steps, floors, heart rate (bpm), distance covered, and calories burned. Then when using the app you can check the quality of your sleep, log your weight over time and set goal, and take part in challenges with friends and family. I always enjoy taking part in the challenges as it adds a more sociable element to your personal fitness, and helps to keep it interesting especially if you have a competitive edge and try to keep up with others, which pushes you further.

Another great feature with the Fitbit Blaze is that you have on screen workouts, directly on your smart watch. So if you have a few minutes to kill and are stuck for quick ideas then you can just click into one of these and it’ll show you the moves to do, and how long to do them for. It’s great to have this to hand wherever you go. There’s also a timer if you want to use that for your own workouts or exercises.

You can use the Fitbit to perform warm ups, 7 minute work outs, or 10 minute abs work outs via the Fit Star section, and can also use the exercise section to record other types of sport and exercise like running, cycling, weights, and lots more.

fitbit blaze

I would really recommend the Fitbit Blaze. It’s a lot more than just a simple step counter, and I’ve found that using the Fitbit every day has helped me to think more about my fitness and health, and to track everything in one place (not just steps, but sleep, water intake etc). I persuaded my husband to get a Fitbit too so now we both enjoy challenging each other, and keep recommending more of our friends and family to get it and join in with us! Since it’s a product that you use every day, and a product that benefits your health and well being, it’s definitely worth the price tag in my eyes. I would recommend the Blaze over the charge and earlier Fitbit models because of the extra features, and would definitely recommend using this over cheaper step counter brands.

I was sent the Fitbit Blaze in order to review

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  1. I’d love to try this to see just how many steps I do in a day, I walk a lot with my dog and always seem to be walking somewhere!


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