Trunki PaddlePak Review & Giveaway

The Trunki PaddlePak is a really handy versatile water proof bag for kids. Mr Z and Mr T have had one each for a while and recently Mr R was sent Spike the PaddlePak blowfish to review, so now they boys have a full set. They do look very cute all walking along with their colourful PaddlePaks on their back!

Trunki PaddlePak

Mr R’s new PaddlePak arrived over the summer holidays, perfectly timed for all of our summer outings. Since the bag is waterproof it’s ideal for trips to water parks, or outdoor play areas with fountains or water play areas. We took all the boys and their PaddlePaks to Gulliver’s Splash Zone in Milton Keynes which is an indoor water play area, and each PaddlePak was the perfect size for all their swimming things including a large beach towel and plenty of snacks.

Our PaddlePak had come filled with tasty treats from Ella’s Kitchen which made a great snack for the boys after their water play. Between them they finished all the packets of snacks within a few minutes! Swimming or water play does tend to leave them very hungry!

PaddlePaks are not only suitable for swimming but can be used on other days out and are great for a picnic. As the weather can be unreliable, the waterproof element will come in handy to protect the contents from the rain! Here’s Mr ZΒ with the Blowfish PaddlePak at LolliBop.

paddlepakThe PaddlePaks are very well made, and Mr Z and Mr T’s still look like new although they have had them for quite a while now. The material is great quality and there are helpful little details like a small pouch to keep a couple of coins.

trunki PaddlePak range


trunki2To close the PaddlePak you roll the top down three times and then clip it together, no need for any other fastenings. It’s quite different to other bags but it works really well.

The designs are extremely cute. I love our newΒ Blowfish which is so bright and colourful! There is also a clown fish available, along with a lobster, frog, turtle, dolphin and more. See the full PaddlePak range here.Β 

For your chance to win a PaddlePak of your choice, enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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Good luck!

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