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As the season transitions and the natural world bursts with an astonishing array of vibrant hues, it is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a bit of crafty outdoor fun. Drawing inspiration from folk tales and the mesmerizing beauty of the woodland, we are sharing a creative activity from the new book A Year Of Nature Walks And Games by Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes – How to Make a Tree Boggart.

tree boggart made from clay, nature craft

What is a Boggart?

A boggart is a creature from folk tales and myths. They were thought to live either in houses, or in woodland.  Boggarts are a bit like goblins, and they’re very mischievous – so they’d definitely enjoy trick or treating! 

Boggarts are also seen in Harry Potter where they are known for their shape shifting abilities, changing into something to depict the viewers greatest fear.

The word originally comes from the Welsh word bwg. Find out more about the myths and legends behind boggarts here.

These playful entities embody the spirit of trickery, making them the perfect muse for a nature craft activity that is not only enjoyable but also celebrates the magical essence of nature, and ties in brilliantly with the spooky season of Halloween.

nature craft a tree boggart made from clay

Imagine stepping into the woods, where the canvas is as raw and real as the bark of a tree, and your palette is a rich medley of nature’s elements, waiting to be molded into a masterpiece.

This delightful activity, extracted from the enlightening book “A Year of Nature Walks and Play”, guides you through creating your very own tree boggart, a rustic face shaped from clay and adorned with natural embellishments that you gather from your surroundings.

As you wander through the woods with the kids in search of the perfect tree trunk to host your boggart’s face, remember that the essence of this activity lies in its harmony with nature.

finding the perfect tree trunk

Ensuring the use of natural clay protects our precious environment while fostering a deep-seated connection with the earth.

With the gentle rustle of leaves as your background score, let your creativity flourish. Whether you choose to craft a simple representation or dive into intricate details, the freedom to design a boggart that mirrors your artistic vision is exhilarating.

Engage with your friends in a friendly contest, stirring the woods with laughter and joyful cries as you vie to craft the most frightening or amusing boggart face.

nature walk looking for leaves

Gathering your natural materials is an adventure in itself, a treasure hunt that nudges you to look at leaves, twigs, stones, and other natural elements with a discerning, artistic eye. What shapes and textures can combine to conjure a face brimming with personality and quirks?

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So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to immerse yourself in a magical nature craft activity that promises not only a burst of creativity but also a joyful connection with nature.

Let the woods be your studio, and may the whispers of the trees guide you in crafting a boggart that resonates with the playful, enigmatic spirit of the forest.

Let’s craft, connect, and celebrate nature in the most artistic way!

How to Make a Tree Boggart Nature Activity

It’s lots of fun to make a boggart face on a tree trunk, using natural materials and some clay.  To protect the environment, the clay needs to be natural

You can make your boggart as simple or as detailed as you like.  Could you have a contest with your friends to see who can make the scariest one? 

Follow the step by step instructions below to find out how to do this activity.

Make a Boggart Face on a Tree Trunk
Yield: 1

Make a Boggart Face on a Tree Trunk

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes

Step into the woods and craft your own tree boggart using natural materials and clay. Experience the magic of connecting with nature through art!


  • Natural Clay
  • A selection of found nature materials - it could be:
  • eaves
  • stones
  • pine cones
  • acorns
  • twigs
  • sticks
  • berries...
  • or whatever else you find in the woods


  • Your hands


  1. Hunt for your natural materials – think about what might work well for a boggart’s face. 
  2. When you’re ready to create your boggart, start by making a flat piece of clay for the face. 
  3. Press the clay onto a tree trunk. 
  4. Decorate the clay with your natural materials to create eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair.


Prep time and active time are very flexible for this activity

Did you make this project?

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A Year of Nature Walks and Games Book

A new nature activity book for children has recently been released. Suitable for  5-12 year olds A Year of Nature Walks and Games is full to the brim with things for kids to see and do outdoors including making rangolis, foraging, shape seeking  and playing games as you walk.

It is written and by child wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill from Emotionally Healthy Kids and gardening expert Catherine Hughes from the blog Growing Family

To see 52 more fun nature activities A Year of Nature Walks and Games is out now

Have fun!

Becky and Catherine are also the authors of A Year of Nature Craft and Play, and we have shared one of the activities from this book too: Rustic Star Craft

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