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As any regular readers might have seen from a couple of my previous posts, I am always interested in ways to improve our home. I recently made a few changes to my boys room and have been thinking about new bathrooms.

As we have finally bought a house after renting and moving around every year, I like to think we will stay in this place now long term, so I always think of ways to improve the space we have. In future I really want to get the loft converted. When we think of having another child it would be good to have an extra bedroom so my ideal plan is to have a dormer conversion in the loft to make a new master bedroom up there, together with an en-suite. If you make the loft conversion look as natural and integrated as possible, that is the best way for adding value to your home. I have seen some where the new stairs are hidden away in a cupboard, but I think it might be better to even lose a bit of space in one of the bedrooms, to allow the stairs to be extended seamlessly from the existing staircase.

Another area I am desperate to do up is the garden. We are so lucky to have a fairly good sized garden and I would love to make the most of it. Unfortunately at the moment it is not looking at it’s best. When we moved in, I was adamant that I really want to have artificial lawn put in because it is so convenient. I have seen it in children’s centres and it looks quite convincing, and doesn’t get so muddy when it is wet, as well as saving you the job of mowing the lawn! However its quite expensive so I have not got it yet. I still quite want it, but everyone makes fun of me when I say it – so we will see. I also kept telling my husband about ripping out the living room fireplace and adding a load of built in shelving instead. Luckily we did not end up doing it because now I think it was a rubbish idea, so I need to think carefully before making these big decisions.

lovely decking outside entertaining

Another option for my garden could be decking – I like the look of this, it is quite stylish and always makes me think of being able to sit out and entertain in the garden during summer. That’s not something we can really do too well at the moment with our current garden. We have some paving and then the lawn, and we just have one of the traditional picnic style benches. I would also love one of those summer houses or outdoor rooms too, I have seen some which are amazing!

Pinterest is brilliant for getting ideas, if I have some spare time I love to browse around and pin the ones I would love to consider for the future. If you have not joined it yet, you should have a look – but be aware it gets addictive! If you are on there, let me know your Pinterest Id in the comments and I will come over and have a look πŸ™‚

Why not have a look at some of my boards if you are looking for more ideas!

If you don’t have the budget to make big changes, I find even the small things can really give a boost to a room or brighten up the environment in the house. I just got myself some new flowers yesterday to add a nice splash of colour

flowers, ocean turquoise colour and white in a white vase arteficial flowers imiatation flowers

What are your plans for your home? I love to hear everyone’s ideas!

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7 thoughts on “Transforming Your Home”

  1. I’m actually completing 10 years worth of renovations this month, although it feels more like 100 years. πŸ˜‰ I think a loft conversion is a great idea – the whole upper half of my house is a converted attic. It will be great for you to have the extra space.

  2. At the moment we’re just furnishing our flat, and with baby on the way we are on a budget so will probably make do with some small things to give the rooms a splash of colour e.g. some wall canvasses πŸ˜€ we’ve had our new sofas delivered today so we’re definately getting somewhere! πŸ˜€

  3. I like to freshen things up by changing around quite often, I get bored of looking at the same thing over & over!
    I especially like finding nice prints from IKEA to go with my paint.

  4. Renovating homes is one best idea to give a new look to your old home . Whenever we think about it the main two things click to us are paint and furniture . These both thing makes your homes style and standard . Thank you for useful tips .


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