Top Tips To Consider Before Buying A Static Caravan

Purchasing a Static Caravan for a holiday or family vacation should not be taken lightly. This leisure investment will be a go-to option for all your plans.

Whether you are planning for a day or a week, with a static Caravan of your own, you will never be bothered about stay options. Meanwhile, you will be able to save a lot of money which otherwise would have been spent on hotels and stay options.

Attempting to decide which fixed caravan is for you is no simple job. However, it is not as complicated as buying a car and truck. There is far more to contemplate over in the choice to purchase.

Below are numerous points to think about in the procedure of looking for the static caravans for sale Norfolk to match the family member’s needs.

Choosing the right Static Caravan

If you are a large family, there is not much problem in selecting a caravan with a good number of berths! The exact idea goes while looking for a Caravan for a small family member. Select a caravan that you can turn into free space after resting.

Most static caravans come well-planned as well as make fantastic vacation homes or even permanent homes. The size and also berth of the caravan is your major choice to make. However, it is considered, the bigger the better! 

The fixed caravans can conveniently rest 6 or 8 individuals. They are often provided with 2 or 3 bedrooms. The beautiful sleeping area in the living room will certainly have fold-out beds. 


A first point to take into consideration is the amount for which you are willing to purchase a static caravan. Make sure to thoroughly go through the finances to make certain the funds are readily available to purchase the caravan. Stay clear of overstretching the financial resources on the preliminary expense of the caravan since it is important to consider the related running prices.

Running costs

A fixed caravan is certain to be based on annual running expenses. Expenses associated with possessing a fixed caravan include gas, electricity, insurance as well as management. Additionally, it is needed to fit the caravan with the everyday essentials like the kettle, bedding, pots, pans, television, and also similar things.

Size of the plot

A fixed caravan is offered in a variety of dimensions to match the intended usage. Choices can vary from the complete size caravans designed to accommodate 5 or 6 individuals in comfort to a lot more portable choices with room to accept 1 or 2 people. Make sure to decide on the preferred variety of rooms. 

Additionally, the preferred park can affect the dimension alternatives. Even though the majority of parks are constructed to approve the largest caravan, there are some parks with dimension limitations in place to restrict the caravan allowed to go into.

Preferred park

Make certain to carefully put your effort and time to research the caravan park. Attempt to reserve a vacation at a favoured park to get a much better offer. It can likewise help to get a concept of what else is offered in the local area. Drive to the nearest town to see what the stores and also services are provided.

Also, think about the desired use of the fixed caravan. If you are wanting to rest the caravan for a certain period, check whether it is permitted at the selected park. However, if preparing to make personal use of the caravan, go for a park that is best in every way.

Buying a New or Pre-Owned Caravan

Costs are different for a new or a previously owned caravan. However, that does not imply there can be no good deal. Get in touch with a couple of static caravan parks and determine the rates on their supply caravan. The park will additionally have a list of people that want to sell their static caravans.

Undoubtedly the condition of the caravan will certainly be an aspect while considering buying one. A brand-new caravan is bound to be a whole lot better than a second-hand caravan. This does not claim that the second-hand caravan has been taken care of. The choice of acquiring a brand-new or previously owned caravan will depend solely on your budget available.

Which Caravan Park is best for the Static Caravan?

This is a major variable and you need to make the right choice of caravan Park as the area has to be one you like going to.

This is because you will most likely be spending a fair bit of time at your brand-new fixed holiday caravan! Such choices are never easy and most individuals constantly purchase at a park they have previously gone to for numerous celebrations and also are aware of the area.

If you have children, and you require a caravan park which caters to their needs, it should have swimming pools, play locations and also amusement to keep the youngsters occupied throughout your holiday. Amusement is only typically offered at caravan parks in their peak periods. You should always contact the park for their timetable before making your park choice.

If you are an older couple you would probably go for a caravan park which would be an extra serene area instead of one which is close to a town or city. Spending time in the lap of nature, away from the humdrum of city life is a good idea!

Take Site Fees into Consideration

The site costs are the charges that the caravan park will levy on you to keep your caravan in their park. This is generally a good figure, which will differ from park to park. The site cost does not include any electrical or gas supply to the static caravan, just a site fee for the ground the caravan rests upon.

Final takeaways

When it involves choosing a static caravan, it is crucial to think about all aspects of the deal. It is important to see whether the right choices are made. A static caravan can vary in size, format, and components. Remember to keep the above-mentioned points to consider in the process of searching for the best caravan to match your requirements.

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