Top Tips for Making a Spring Home

Does your home feel a little bit uninspired? Perhaps the decoration hasn’t been changed for a while or it just needs a refresh after a long winter. These are some of the reasons people choose to spring clean their homes or rejuvenate their lives at this time of year.

When you consider the strong effect your environment can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing it makes sense to pay close attention to your home environment and ensure that it’s vibrant and inspiring enough. In this article you will find a collection of ways to make your home more blissful this spring.


A colourful carpet can take many different forms. It could be a solid colour carpet or one that is patterned. Either way a coloured carpet is an excellent accent piece to use in your living room to liven it up for the spring.

The best thing about using a coloured carpet for your home in springtime is that it can be rolled up and put away when the season’s over. Either that or it can be replaced by a different one for the new season.

You can find colourful carpets for springtime online or at your local home store, I checked out my local carpet shops in Worthing. It’s a good idea to measure the space you want the carpet for before you shop, that way you won’t be disappointed or waste time and money.


Ever heard of Macrame? If you don’t know what this means then you will when you see one. Macrame plant hangers originate in the 13th century when people started using rope and yarn to make plant hangers.

Macrame plant hangers are the perfect way to bring some of the spring season into your home. They allow you to plant bulbs and flowers that bring colours and atmosphere inside, but hang conveniently from the ceiling.

You can easily learn how to make Macrame plant hangers using online videos and how to instructions; alternatively, you can buy them online or at your local garden centre. Don’t miss out on Macrame plant hangers this season, they can enliven your home and inspire.


If you love cherry blossoms you’re going to love this next tip for bringing more of them into your home this spring. Cherry blossoms are revered in the east, but less so here where they aren’t native. Still, there is a culture of appreciation.

Cherry blossoms are trees that produce small delicate pink or white flowers in the spring. Perhaps one reason they are so beloved is the shortness of their stay. Within a short time the flowers turn brown and die.

You might know a place locally where you can visit cherry blossoms in the springtime, but if you don’t buy a cherry blossom branch from your local garden centre and place it in a vase with some water.


Floral lamps are available in different forms. You can get them in a traditional lamp style with a floral pattern printed on, or you can buy them shaped like a flower design. The type you decide on will depend on your home’s decor and your personal tastes.

Introducing a floral lamp to your home in the spring gives your home a seasonal accent. Even in the evening when the sun is down and there is nothing in particular to remind you of the season, you can switch on a floral lamp and be reminded about the time of year.

If you have a lamp already that’s in good condition you may not need the entire lamp set up, just buy a floral lamp shade. Alternatively, buy the complete floral lamp from an online shop or a local home store.


The spring is a short season, so while you might want to redecorate your home in line with the inspiration of the moment, it sometimes makes little sense. That is why accent pieces like some floral statement art are so useful.

Statement art is large canvas art or dominate art pieces that draw attention to a space in the room and influence the other decoration. Statement art can act as accent decoration inspiring many more seasonal changes to your home.

Instead of redecorating the entire home why not use your accent pieces wisely and incorporate some statement art. You can browse statement art online and find something that resonates with your tastes and sensibility.


It can be difficult to know the exact purpose of a Mason jar these days, they seem to be used for so many different purposes. These days Mason jars are used as decoration, storing food, and for fancy drinks.

That wasn’t always the case. Originally a Mason jar was used for storing food and preventing it from going off. In recent years it has been widely repurchased to fit several other uses. One alternative use is a floral springtime decoration for your home.

When you go walking this spring keep a lookout for some twigs, flowers, branches, or anything else that you think is seasonal. In a Mason jar arrange these items to suit your artistic eye and display it prominently to bring some of the spring season into your home.


If you liked the Mason jar idea you might like to take your interest a step further and try some flower arranging. Flower arranging is an old art form that reaches back hundreds of years in both the east and west.

The traditions of the East and west are different. They use different flowers and styles to create beautiful displays. You can choose one to learn or you can DIY a flower arrangement using an online video.

A flower arrangement with a springtime theme is a great way to set your home up for the season. In the same way that a Christmas wreath on the front door shows people you are engaged, a flower arrangement for spring indicates you like to keep your home relevant.


Perhaps you feel a little bit trapped at the moment in your home, or maybe you simply can’t get enough of the springtime. In either case a spring terrace is an excellent way to connect with nature and the season from the comfort of your home.

A spring terrace doesn’t have to be a terrace. It can be fashioned out of a balcony, a patio, or an extension. The idea is to create a space that has all the hallmarks of springtime where you can relax and enjoy some free time.

To make a spring terrace you will want to introduce some spring hanging baskets and seasonal bulbs. Set up a comfortable chair with a nice view and table to sit on and books on. Enjoy this space for the spring and possibly the summer too.


As mentioned, your accent colour scheme is one of the most versatile ways to repurchase your home regardless of the season. Changing your accent colours allows you to give a room a new vibrancy with any extra upheaval or expense.

Consider the accent colours in your home this spring. Are they walls, carpets, trims, or artwork. Think about the colour scheme of your home and about which colours suit your personality. Changing some of the accent colours will make the room feel like new.

Most of this work can be done on your own. A you need is some paint in some cases or an Internet browser in others. For larger projects, however, don’t be afraid to hire a professional or invest in a House Clearance.


When the winter is over there are fewer low hanging clouds in the sky and more sunlight available. This is good news for our general mood and our vitamin D levels. But don’t take it for granted, instead make the most out of it and target the sunlight in your home.

A sunny nook is a place in your home that receives the most sunlight. You will probably have a window or an area of your home that’s south facing. This makes the ideal location for a sunny nook in the springtime.

Once you have identified the area you want to use, bring in a comfortable chair and tables that’s easy to sit at. Introduce some spring atmosphere with hanging baskets and plants. This sunny nook will be perfect in the late afternoon when the temperature falls but the sun is still warm.


Whether you want to bring some of the springtime indoors, or inspire better health and wellness for the next few months, there is something to find in the list that will certainly help. Choose from natural decoration ideas using DIY methods, to more involved house clearing activities.

However you choose to spend your spritome this year male sure you get enough nature in your life, whether that means walking in your local area or creating some nice flower arrangements indoors. Also make sure you get enough sunlight and top up those depleted vitamin D levels.

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