Top Driving Hates

What do you hate most when your driving? There are lots of driving habits that are not only annoying to other drivers, but more importantly are really dangerous. It’s no surprise that some of these come out top on the list of the nation’s driving hates.

Car Giant have put together an infographic showing the UK’s top most hated habits on the road. Click the snippet below to see the full graphic on their site.

Top Driving Hates V3 - Final snippet

Click here to see the full infographic

The infographic also shows what the most common bad habits of driving are. Even though some of these are now illegal like texting and driving, it seems like quite a few people still admit to doing it! Hopefully the numbers will start to drop as awareness of the dangers grow. It’s not worth putting yourself and others at serious risk for this!

Any habits which cause reckless driving have to be at the top of my most hated list. I can’t get too worked up about bad parking in comparison to those type of habits – although the lesser ones are still annoying too!

Take a look at the full graphic over on the Car Giant site and see which, if any, road habits you’re guilty of, and whether your most hated ones are mentioned on the list. Perhaps you have a different most hated peeve on the road, if so – share it with us in the comments!


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